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YOU ARE THE VILLAIN... It's time to tell the story of the villain. Hunt Down The Freeman takes you into a journey like no one has before. Witness the pain of the villain firsthand with over 14 hour gameplay, over 40 levels, immersive gameplay, cinematic cutscenes and an over an hour long, heart touching OST. GEAR UP The player picks up the Machete of H.E.C.U Sergeant Mitchell, who finds himself in a hospital during alien invasion so called 7 Hour War. Mitchell is thrust into a battle of survival and is forced to face challenges to survive. This marine has to use all of his training, both with firearms and thinking tactically, to parkouring across the levels. Mitchell has to manage his inventory with over twenty-six unique weapons and gadgets, find the best way to get the job done, and do whatever it takes for his own survival.

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Another proof Half-Life community should stop getting excited about whatever piece of content it's recieving just because the series was dead for the last decade.
Making excuses for it many people fell for devs' lies and shady circumstances under which it was being made, accusations of stealing content turned out to be true despite what developers claimed, and the whole delaying thing just proves just how amateur the people behind it are. They couldn't even make it less than 50gb and, apparently, despite all the delays, they still had to push a post-release update which was another 6gb large.
I'm only more convinced there wasn't even any game to be released until they failed to slap it together in the last few weeks.
We all (well, some of us) knew it was going to turn out bad, but at least I thoght it would be funny. It's not.

I'm almost sorry for the devs for whom this game was supposed to be a ticket into game dev world :/


huNt DOwn tEh ReFUnD

**** this game!

this mod is a literal meme, you know that something about it is off when you have keemstar as a voice actor and it has stolen assets from gmod tower

the story is ******* terrible, and not only is it terrible but it's edgy to the bone, you know in advance it's terrible and edgy when the main character has those edgy battle scars and looks like someone who came out of an anime

this game is all about hunting down freeman but its clear that you wont hunt down freeman because freeman clearly never met this guy throughout whole half life series and if the protagaonist got at any point in this game in touch with freeman it immediately loses lore friendliness

overall if you're looking for what not to do when it comes to mods, just look up this mod and learn from its mistakes

YOU.. 'Node graph out of date' ME
YOU.. '#HL2_GameOver_Ally' ME



****** ****.

Weapons & animations are good, but seriously this game needs more love and time.


Oh... My... God
What in the actual f**k is this?!
This "game" contains nothing but stolen content, ****** low quality maps which show no actual directions to where you should go, no objectives, stupid, non necessary and often infinite combat scenes (yes, some times monsters will keep spawining and you simply have to leave the area).
It's also Full of bugs!! You have to noclip to proceed forward, crashes ALL THE F***ING TIME, among other bs.
I'm sure I'm forgetting many of the ****** aspects of this game.
And yeah, I wish I haven't played this pile of dogsh*t.
I'd give a -1 out of 10 if I could.
Please don't buy this

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Amazing story

Feb 15 2018 by Zarbuza