It's been many years since you saw any civilizations from other planets and it's time to change that! The Overlord want's you to use his new experimental artificial intelligence called HumanAI to repopulate and rebuild abandoned planets and restore them. Explore and discover the story of each unique planet & try to figure out the reason their planet got destroyed. Use gathered knowledge to upgrade your tech & use found blueprints and ruins to build new buildings. Complete tasks sent by the Overlord and get rewards! Hope you are interested in playing!

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Introductory Article

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Come and explore our worlds and alternate realities in our newest mobile game called HumanAI - Colonies, alpha version soon available on Google Play.

Are you ready to use a top secret artificial intelligence to restore and repopulate destroyed planets? The Overlord has a lot of tasks for you to complete, in hopes for rebuilding all abandoned planets. He counts on you!

You have the power to activate HumanAI and use it to discover planets, analyze data and build structures.

Each planet has it's own story and it's your job to figure out what went wrong. Each story has a very deep and interesting meaning to it and it tries to create crazy life scenarios. Stories focus on human actions and your "HumanAI" tries to replicate only the best features of humans on your planets.

Buildings Panel | HumanAI Panel

Buildings Screen HumanAI Screen

Planet Info Panel | Research Panel

Planets Desc Screen Research Screen

Are you interested in following the development of HumanAI - Colonies? Make sure to follow the game and check out our website for more articles, screenshots and development news!

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