You play as Norman Chambers, a man who has lost his mind due to the death of his one true love. Game begins with you waking up alone in an old dark hotel room. You must explore the long creepy corridors in search for answers to why you are there and how you can get out. But unfortunately completing this task becomes more difficult as expected, as you face the many horrors in which this hotel holds. This is my first game and I was originally planning to work on it in my free time, but now I have decided to make it for a college project. This means it must be completed by May which is quite a short time frame. So this may make the game a bit rushed, which is bad but also good since I am known to procrastinate. I am going to try my best to update this weekly, thanks for reading :)

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It was short and perfect. Nice story great scares and really well done. Check out my vid to see me get scared.

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