Build a home, build a community, build HOPE. Hope is a first person, world and community building roleplaying game. Set in the junkpunk world of EverSky, where people live on flying structures known as "rigs". Your role is to help build the community on a rig called "Hope", using a wide variety of tools. You will build, enhance and maintain the rig, whilst trading, crafting and socializing with the rigs inhabitants.

Report RSS Added some images and a feature about how HOPE started as a research project.

Added some new images to the gallery today showing some work-in-progress shots of housing modules and shacks. Plus a feature about how HOPE is a game AND a research project.

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Added some new images to the gallery today showing some work-in-progress shots of housing modules and shacks. Plus a feature about how HOPE is a game AND a research project.

When you play the game, you will spend a lot of time adding housing for the various inhabitants of your rig. We want to make a variety of housing with a range of costs. At the most basic the housing will be made out of the junk that gets processed on the rig. At the expensive end, you can add regular "modules" that are essentially self contained housing units that happen to stack pretty well. You could consider them like containers you'd see on a transport ship, repurposed for human habitation.

Container home work-in-progress

The point of housing is that you need to provide enough of it otherwise your rig's inhabitants will leave for a better life elsewhere. So you have to balance population with industry. Obviously the better housing you give to people, the happier they will be. So there's a tradeoff between making thier lives better through better housing and then the costs of that housing. This plays into the tradeoff between industrial output (and cash income it generates) vs social and community aspects. So citizens will also react differently if you house them next to a factory for instance.

Radar work in progress

I know it sounds a bit simcity, but its actually pretty simple. The point is to reward a balanced and socially responsible rig layout. That's not to say that you aren't free to just build a ton of factory machines and then have some weird isolation zone for housing.

Shack work-in-progress

For some reason the "feature" about how HOPE started from a research point of view got "archived" so if you've read this far, hop on over to the features section and give it a read. It will hopefully give you some idea of where the social simulation ideas come from.


Weird the feature got archived, looks well presented with images and nice layout. Might be because they were posted in such close proximity, the only difference is that it doesn't appear on the front page, people are still alerted to it if they are watching.

The models for the housing looks great, the slums style shacks remind me of Fallout, using the RTS mod to build a settlement of buildings like that.

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zoombapup Author

I actually posted the news after the original feature got archived. Figured the artwork Valentin has been doing was worth telling people about.

Good to know that people who are following get to know about it anyway.

Fallout: yes in a way there are going to be similarities, post-catastrophe civilization is going to have a very similar feel to post-apocalyptic, although I think we'll have a far more up beat vibe than fallout did. I like to think people who survive an apocalypse might actually want to band together and hold each other in more regard.

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