Since the discovery of the Guide Stone 100 years ago deep in the equatorial sand of our planet, Kharak, our very origins have come into question. Now, after 100 years of technological advancement and careful study, there is one inescapable revelation: We do not belong here. We are the last of our kind, and we have dedicated ourselves to one goal - returning home - a mission that will put everything at risk.

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What can be said that hasn't already? Homeworld Remastered is by far... I just don't know what to say. The game is just a damn fine remaster of the original versions. And while they may have converted Homeworld into the Homeworld 2 engine its still a grand remaster in my eyes. The game plays as I remember and so far I've had a blast playing it.

I would recommend Homeworld Remastered to any Homeworld or any RTS fan out there. Homeworld revolutionized the RTS genera. And this remaster does it justice in every way.

Also not only do you get the remastered versions. You also get the reoptimized classic Homeworld and Homeworld 2 in their original unaltered forms. So in essence you are getting 4 games in one. That alone makes it worth it to me.

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Homeworld is unlike anything that's out there, it's a game who defined the space strategy genre as we know it. I remember myself playing with my friends when Homeworld2 came out, the amount of incredible games we had, and still have. That was the best experience I had in strategy video games thus far. As much as I love strategy games, I fell in love for this title the first time I played it. I will probably always consider it as my favourite one, and that's probably the most valuable reason I started…

Feb 24 2015 by Erayser