Hitman's back, drawing you closer than ever into his deadly world where staying anonymous, being smart and totally ruthless are the key to a perfect execution. Lucrative contracts on the rich and powerful in high profile locations make killing for money good business.

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Daskaloto says

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The grave part was cool he killed all mother *******


best game ever <3


The best hitman game, great graphics and great gameplay, also great replay value.

Easily the best Hitman game.

The fourth installment in an excellent series, this game takes everything good about the previous games and makes it better.

Levels are well-designed and the AI has been improved considerably. There are now many options of how to play out each level.

Graphics are good for its time, and each level has a better sense of atmosphere and ambience than before.

Truly one of the best from the series and also, at last, real "agent" what everyone was waiting for!..


This is definitely the best Hitman game ever released, I've played them all but it's Blood Money that kept me glued to the screen for weeks.

The graphics are pretty good, sound effects pleasing and music just plain amazing, I've got the soundtrack and really like to listen to it.

Every mission is different and everything is allowed, you can do it Silent Assassin style and eliminate your targets by making it look like an accident or go in guns blazing and kill everyone you see. It's fun to read the newspaper afterwards.

The weapons are very detailed, especially the agency supplied ones with lots of customization options everyone can get exactly the kind of weapon they need to get the job done whether it's a quiet sniper rifle or super loud and powerful shotgun.

I have not yet played Absolution but this game set set the standard very high.
It definitely is my favorite Hitman game to date and I don't think that will change, everything I didn't like in it's predecessors is gone and things I wanted to see are in.

My only regret? I wish there were more missions, not that the game is short, it's long enough with extreme replay value, every mission is just as fun whether you're completing it for the first or hundredth time.


This game will always have a special place in my collection. Sure it's not the most polished game even during the time it was released. The AI is a bit crappy here and there, but what the game accomplishes outweighs its faults. I've seen dozens if not more different ways to complete any given level. The map design is excellent and open ended, intended for the player to figure on his own how to assassinate his target and get out alive. Granted, the game gets easy once you figure out the best possible manner to beat each level, but the replay value is still there. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes replay value and being creative. Absolution is complete garbage compared to Blood Money. I would go for an HD version of this game any day. Here's to hoping the next sequel actually gets the damn series right.

- You have to push 10 times at least on your esc button to open up the menu.
- You can save your game during a mission, you can quit the game, you cannot reload your saved game. Interesting.
- People sometimes see you through the walls. A pity for this kind of game.
- Turn a light of an empty room off in front of a guard and he will shoot at you. That makes sense.....
- In most maps, you just have to get the good clothing and then you can do everything.
- In most maps, after doing all the missions, you may be able to go everywhere without getting attacked but still get 4 witnesses in the final statistics. Statistics that you only see after finishing the map of course. These were mute witnesses I guess.
- So, the missions of the terrible criminal 47 are always to kill criminals, never innocents? I guess this game is for death penalty.

If you forget about these points, the game is not that bad.

AI is a little unrealistic and sometimes highly stupid, but overall a very solid, challenging game.

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The grave part was cool he killed all mother fuckers

Jun 14 2011 by Daskaloto