How far will you go if your life is at stake? How long can you survive in the wilderness? You are an avarage guy in 1992.You are on a vacation with your Family, the Sky is clear, the Seas are deep, what could possibly go wrong? Your Plane crashes on a Tropical Island, where you must fight your darkest fears to survive. But this Island is not an avarege Tropical Island…this one…and only this one, keeps the greatest secret in the History of the United States of America…will you survive to discover it, or die a painful slow death on this Island. The Choice is yours.

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The Project is now Active !


About Himitsu ?

-This game will be a mix of FPS Survival and a little bit of RPG
-It will feature a fully explorable Tropical Island
-A fully uniqe storyline with no compulsory quests, the story advances as you discover the Island
-Starvation, Thirst
-Building(Shelter, Traps etc...)
-Different Player classes( and a Hardcore mode with no assistance)

These are the main features we want to make, but we will add much more as the developement advances. We will be posting some screenshots from the Island later this week. If you have any questions just ask them, and track us for more updates :)

-The Dev Team

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