A brief introduction

The story is set in the Cold War of the 1980s, in which humanity was blindly drawn into the Cold War without realizing that this insane endeavor was causing a shortage of resources. Until it came to a near standstill.

Corporations took control of the action and found new ways to supply the world with necessities. The Cold War became more and more a corporate struggle. Over time, one company proved particularly successful.

Helium Electric had found a way to mine helium on the moon and convert it to electricity on Earth. Earth’s future seemed assured, but at a very high price….


Helium Electric is a hard strategy game in which the player finds himself alone in a Moon station and has the mission to extract helium.

The goal is to achieve the highest possible helium mining rate and you are free to decide how to manage the station.

Depending on the amount of helium extracted, you get a daily payment to support your family and friends on Earth.

If you don't, your relatives will suffer, your stress level will increase, and your mental health will decrease.

Once the player has reached a total helium mining amount of 25 tons, the contract with the Helium Electric corporation has been fulfilled and you can count on a position in the corporation if you perform well.

However, in order to achieve this goal, the player's physical and mental health must be kept in mind. You are alone in the station and no one can help you.


The technology at your command is the latest from 1986.

The game is controlled with the dashboard by either entering commands with the mouse or keyboard. Several unmanned vehicles are coordinated and you only have a certain amount of time per day before the daily dose of radioactive radiation becomes too high.

There are:

  • 6 harvesters - Extraction of raw helium from Moon dust
  • 1 drone - Scan helium concentration, vehicles and the station
  • 1 recovery vehicle - Tow surface vehicles in the event of a failure
  • 2 satellites - Scan Moon surface and vehicle movement

After a work day you have the possibility to retreat to a recovery room below the lunar surface. Furthermore there is a communication system at your command. Of course all extra expenses will be charged.

It is up to you to complete the mission successfully.

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You are one of the candidates selected by helium electric to man a moon station.
Achieve a high helium-3 harvesting rate and you will have a secure future for you and your family.
Remember, you are responsible for the best equipment that 1986 has to offer.

Your family and friends are counting on you.
We assume that you will do everything possible not to disappoint us.

So let's get started.


Helium Electric wants you on the moon!

Helium Electric wants you on the moon!


Join Helium Electric, the world's leading power company. Work on one of our lunar stations with the latest technology available in 1986.  

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