Heads Will Roll: Reforged lets the player to take a role of an ordinary medieval soldier who finds himself in the middle of the legendary Hundred Years War between the kings of England and France. You start your way as a simple footman, whose sole ambition is to survive, but with proper skill and cunning or through blood and preservation, you might soon see yourself becoming one of the most famous knights of your time.

This game is a unique type of RPG with survival mechanics and turn-based combat that requires player to make careful decision both inside and outside the fight. The sophisticated combat system utilizes many different parameters including characters’ stats and attributes, familiarity and proficiency with certain weapons, weapon length, fatigue level, various traumas and injuries, as well as hundreds of different items and consumables.

The game offers more than 200 different lootable items varying from all kinds of medieval weaponry and armor to trinkets with unique effects, several types of poisons, medical supplies and many crafting items.

All of the actions that your character takes will have in-game consequences. The NPCs will change their opinions of you depending on how you treat them and how you behave both inside and outside of battle. This in turn will enable or disable various future interactions with them and sometimes trigger special events.

Make good use of any loot or supplies that you got your hands on. A lot of them can be combined in order to craft medical and utility items, as well as many types of crossbow ammunition.

Heads Will Roll utilizes many random generation elements that will turn two separate playthroughs into two completely unique experiences. Start with different items and stats, face different enemies, make different choices and live through different events each time you play.

The game has dozens of weapons ranging from swords, axes, maces and spears to throwing knives and crossbows. All of them have varying movesets that rely on and make use of different stats & skills (strength, agility etc.), while also having distinct features and countering each other in some way.

Fight not only for wealth and honor but also for the hearts of several stunning beauties with unique personalities, views on life and tastes in men. Conquering some of them might prove to be just as tricky as surviving the war.

Choose from a wide array of authentic medieval defensive equipment: from all kinds of helmets and armor to gorgets, bracers, greaves and chainmail stockings. All with varying qualities and characteristics.

Game features a complete Roguelike mode where player can level his profile with each death, unlocking new starting items and improving character's base characteristics allowing to progress further and take on even harder challenges.

There is a special story mode for those who are after the thrills and twists of the story rather than hardcore survival. It offers just enough of a challenge to keep you engaged as well as quick save and quick load options that can be accessed at any time.

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The first DLC and the biggest patch for HWR: Reforged are out!

Hello, everyone!
We are very happy to announce that the first DLC for Heads Will Roll: Reforged — Happily Ever After — is out and is available for purchase!

The DLC brings a lot of new content including marriages with all the girls, new endings, expanded epilogues, new story events, boss fights, Steam achievements and much, much more! Be sure to check it out!

Complete feature list of the DLC can be viewed on its Steam page

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Together with the DLC we are also releasing the much anticipated 1.09 patch that brings a ton of bugfixes, reworks and improvements to the game. It is by far the biggest patch the we have done.

1.09 FIxes

  • 1. Equipped armor items can now be repaired without being taken off.
  • 2. Fixed yet another instance of 'olivia_time_left not defined' bug that caused Olivia's dagger to spawn among unrelated loot and subsequently broke the game, forcing the player back to Olivia's room.
  • 3. Fixed a rare bug that made the player base armor go below zero after unequipping a damaged armor item.
  • 4. Fixed a bug with incorrect equipment loss interaction during the quicksands event.
  • 5. Fixed an issue with incorrect visual hit chances for the spears' 'powerful thrust' attack.
  • 6. Fixed another issue that allowed an enemy to remove the helmet in combat more than once and gain additional stats.
  • 7. Fixed a series of bugs that made combat interface seometimes show incorrect images for player's equipped items.
  • 8. Fixed a bug with incorrect stats reset during manual character creation.
  • 9. Fixed a bunch of issues with system text being shown instead of player's squad members' proper names.
  • 10. Fixed a bug that made repairing squad members' armor and equipment cost zero money.
  • 11. Fixed an issue that made visiting a brothel give zero actual debuffs to the player despite the text saying that it did.
  • 12. Fixed a series of bugs that happened when player attempted to craft poisons through unorthodox recipes.
  • 13. Fixed an issue that prevented some types of poison from being handed over to the sergeant to complete his Hoggard quest.
  • 14. Fixed an issue that prevented certain random events from occuring.
  • 15. Fixed an incorrect interaction with the ornate cloak during the Man of God quest where it wouldn't disappear from inventory after being thrown.16. Fixed several minor bugs and localization issues.

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1.09 Reworks and additions

  • 1. Added a new ally class — crusaders. They are availalbe for hire in the Outremer chapter (after completing the St. Lazarus quest), have their own visual model and receive no heat debuffs.
  • 2. Added more emotions to the girls' dialogue models (anger, happiness, eyerolls etc.).
  • 3. Improved the accessability of the 'Chest' button.
  • 4. Being in possession of the Justice Sword during the siege of Windsor would result in additional militia bands joining the player's cause.
  • 5. Added a visual indicator to damaged items that are curerntly equipped (in inventory).
  • 6. Axes' description now correctly mentions their improved armor damage chance.
  • 7. Increased the number of enemies at Onar's and Olvier's farms.
  • 8. Added knights and crossbowmen to the pool of Windsor's defenders. Manually completing the siege should be more challenging now.
  • 9. Added a limit to the number of bolts available for purchase to prevent various money-making abuse mechanics.
  • 10. Now after every retreat from Windsor the player will be allowed to loot the killed enemies' weapons and gear.
  • 11. The end game results screen after dying in the French storyline now correctly shows the player's rank (mercenary instead of knight).
  • 12. Increased the speed of durability loss of the mechanical crossbow.
  • 13. Added a new tooltip that describes how the combat stances work and lists all the benefits of each.
  • 14. Updated armor, weapons, trinkets and stats of the Scottish king's bodyguards making them more challenging.
  • 15. Expanded the list of trinkets that can be used by the allies.
  • 16. Increased the starting stats limit in the manual character creating up to 25.
  • 17. Added a new scavenge event.
  • 18. Brough back a softlock prevention mechanic in case the player lost all the weapons and ran out of time before the next story event.
  • 19. Reworked the torture mask yet again — now it only provides bonus vitality for the enemies that had injuries at the moment of death.
  • 20. The cultist leader in York now correcly gains fatigue with every action that he takes.
  • 21. Added a few additional spawns for the Unknown toxin item.
  • 22. The sergeant no longer requires the player to specifically craft him a bag. Now you can both return him the original loot bag that you took from him (or buy a new one of the same size) or craft one yourself.
  • 23. Survival mode now has a limit for the enemies that can spawn with poisoned main weapon — only one per wave (bolts and daggers don't count).
  • 24. Added a 'All to max' button to the manual character creation mode. It will automatically allocate all available points to level various stats.
  • 25. Expanded the list of trinkets availalbe in the manual character generation mode.
  • 26. If the player decides to rest instead of looting — all the members of his squad will too have a portion of their fatigue recovered.
  • 27. Updated a decription of the Wanted poster item — it now mentions that the item only works around Cambrai area.
  • 28. Increased the player's stat bonuses in the Story mode. Made some bosses easier on lower difficulties.
  • 29. Added a switch for enabling\disabling community-made characters.
  • 30. Brought back Northampton's celebratory dialogue after the player's successful capture of Windsor.

Like I said — this patch is the biggest one we've done yet and, together with the first DLC, it would hopefully provide enough new experiences to maybe convice you guys to spend some more time with Heads Will Roll.

The next big update to the game will include a rework of the squad mechanics as well as new visual models for the allies (that will properly depict their class and experience level). Together with that we are also hoping to include in the update an entirely new storyline that will span across several new chapters and take the player on a bunch of new adventures. An official announcement should be coming rather soon so stay tuned!

HWR's Discord: Discord.gg
1917 Studios

Heads Will Roll: Reforged is live!

Heads Will Roll: Reforged is live!

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Hello everyone! We're incredibly happy to announce that Heads Will Roll: Reforged has now officially been released. We have been working on the project...

Welcome to the Steam Next Fest - February 2023 Edition

Welcome to the Steam Next Fest - February 2023 Edition


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Heads Will Roll: Downfall is OUT NOW!

Heads Will Roll: Downfall is OUT NOW!


The free prologue to the main campaign is available! We are super excited to announce that Heads Will Roll: Downfall is now available on Steam!

Play The Demo! Watch the Stream! Steam Next Fest: October 2022 edition

Play The Demo! Watch the Stream! Steam Next Fest: October 2022 edition


We are super excited to let you know that Heads Will Roll: Downfall is a part of the Steam Next Fest! Play The Demo! Watch the live stream! Ask The Dev!

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