Pick up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people, people he cares about, are counting on him.

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Nova Prospekt is at its knees. The combine have fled to City 17 to resume oppression orders on a larger scale. As a member of the Metropolice, you must join the effort in the cold war. This story takes place in the eyes of a metropolice during the City 17 rebellion. It looks at the other side of the chapter "Anticitizen One". I have spent months working on this map, likely due to over ambition and under planning. I have put much effort into this, so I hope that you enjoy it. Please leave any comments of feedback - this is what helps me become a better map maker.

An Antagonist's Story: Anticitizen One

The premise is interesting. I found the new additions, such as the orders and the badges, really well executed. That one part where you need to rappel down a building, despite being a glorified ladder, was really nice. It showed that you've played the game and paid close attention to the Metrocops and their behaviors.

The flaws are: I could really use a melee weapon of some kind. If there is any way to import the Stunstick or get it working in HL2, it would be warmly received. The reason why I could use a melee weapon is because I don't like shooting at crates to get them out of the way. It's a waste of ammo, and what if you don't have any ammo? You could potentially use all the ammo shooting rebels and not be able to proceed past some crates. Thankfully there's not much enemies, and they do drop ammo, so this is unlikely to happen, but you should still account for that possibility. The other flaw is the map's length. If this is supposed to be the entire project, then it would be disappointing. Hopefully you decide to add more maps, and string them together by loading like the games. It took me 10 minutes to beat this map. There are also two small issues I had with the map design itself. There is no indication that you cannot pass the door the other Metrocop passes through, before he gets sniped. If you could have the door close after he walks through, or be covered with debris after the attack and explosion, then it would be really nice. The hole you're supposed to drop into to get to the tunnels a bit after that event is way too small. I have to position myself in a very precise spot in order to fall through. Making the hole bigger would help.

I also found a bug around when the Combine officer is supposed to get sniped. The first time I played, the shot either missed him, or the citizen got in the way, I couldn't tell what exactly happened. This was fixed with a simple reload though, and everything worked as normal after that. I think what caused it was me getting in the officer's way and trying to pass through the door before he did. One last thing, this isn't even a flaw, just something that kinda bugs me. It's a bit weird and out of place playing as a Metrocop while in Gordon Freeman's HEV Suit, but I know this isn't really something that's easily changeable without modelling and implementing a whole new HUD. You don't have to change that if you can't. Besides, I got used to it and paid no mind to it after a while.

Overall, I give the map a 7.4/10. The premise and new gameplay additions are great. The map is hampered however by the lack of a melee weapon to clear crates without wasting ammo, some design flaws, and the short length. These things are easily fixable. Fix them, and you've got a nice, good map. I hope you continue to make quality maps, and maybe even your own mods, in the future.

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PlanetAlexander Author

Jee, thanks a whole heap for the feedback! No one has written that much for me.
About the melee weapon; I had really wanted to allow the player to wield a stunstick, and allow them to beat citizens at will, to make them really feel like a CP. Unfortunately, without some modding (which I am now learning to do), it was not possible. I couldn't give the player a crowbar, because that is unique to GF.
The map length is something I'm also a little upset about. I had (tried) to put too much detail into the environment, because it's a -somewhat- slow story, and I love making details. This definitely took out of the overall length. For my next map, I have already started to break down how long each section should take.
I know the gate in the alley is a problem. I seriously couldn't think of a way to keep the player from moving while the scene takes place, and also while everything "behind the scenes" is going on.
Again, thanks so much for taking the time to write so much to help me. I very much appreciate it, and it will all be taken into account next time.

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Would you like this map to be hosted on runthinkshootlive.com? I think this deserves a lot more attention and I'm pretty sure the community will give you great feedback there.

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PlanetAlexander Author

Koneko82 I've had a look at RTSL before, but I couldn't figure out how to upload a map (and I still can't). Do you know how?

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Really well done!
I love the idea of playing as combine (or Civil Protection like here) and I’m amazed how much you worked on details.
One thing I’m really curious about is how did you manage to disable the friendly fire on CPs?

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