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7th article for Genetic Variation showcasing some of Sabrean's Zombies, #trigger_hurt's model work and some unfinished Citizen faces.

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Hello everyone. It's been a while since our last article, but now we finally have enough content to show off, so let's get started then. We're also getting a good number of watchers, so make sure to tell your friends or anyone about this to get the mod known.

Sabrean's Zombies

So, to get it started off, we'll be showcasing some of Sabrean's finished Zombies. Now, the Zombine ones have yet to be completed, so for the moment, the only ones right now are Classic Zombies. Let's see what they look like:


rebel green

rebel blue

medic grey

medic blue

So, as you can see, each one is a separate model. Now, everything right now is a subject to change. We can change all the textures and such and make them more HQ to look more pretty, even for ugly monsters. Each Zombie, when we add them, will be separate NPCs and have different health, based on what class they were originally. When we get the Zombine ones done, I can assure you we'll show them. If you're a fan of Sabrean's Zombies, then you'll love these when they get added.

W.I.P Models

Next up are some W.I.P. screenshots from our awesome Modeler and Animator, #trigger_hurt. What we have to show is mostly related to fixing up certain things that are already in-game. Without further ado, here are the screenshots:

So, this is the normal Combine Sniper Rifle from Episode 2 and you can see that the model doesn't have the obvious edges it use to have. Notice anything else different? Probably not, but look below.

And as you can see here, the butt of the gun is actually the clip of the gun. Keep in mind, this is for our new Combine Sniper NPC and it will reload the weapon by taking the butt off and placing another one in the same position.

In this screenshot, you can see the Combine Elite actually has no fingers and the hand it has is only controlled by 3 bones, instead of 5. Well, as it turns out, we managed to fix that.

They now have actual hands! Funny thing is, is that because of this, it pretty much makes the original animations incompatible with it, due to the simple change we made and we are doing a reanimation for Soldiers as well, so this is a great thing. We plan on fixing the hands of all Rebels as well, so Male 07 can finally have real fingers.

This one doesn't look like much, but you'd be surprised. So, the Fast Headcrab actually didn't have a modeled underside, rather a flat texture, yet all the other Headcrabs have their undersides modeled out. Luckily, we noticed this apparent issue and decided to fix it. Thank us later.

Early HQ Citizen faces

Second to last are some very early W.I.P. Citizen faces, specifically for Mike, Ted and Joey, with all of them being textured by Allen Scott. Here they are:

mike comparison


ted comparison


joey comparison


Now, as I said, these are very unfinished and right now, only meant for testing. Some of the obvious things we need to add are:

  • Wear to all faces.
  • Scars to show off CP beatings
  • Bruises to show off CP beatings
  • Females that don't look like they have make-up on their face

Out of all of them, Ted is the most complete, compared to all others, but he is still unfinished. We will address the issues stated above soon and we'll all have HQ Citizen faces, at last.

Art Livestream

For the last section of this article, we have some very exciting news. Dragara, our concept artist who has provided wonderful things, such as the Combine Headcrab, will be hosting an art livestream next week. The date and time is:

Sunday, April 10th, 2016, 4:30 PM, Central Time

Dragara will be drawing the Overnome art for GV and possibly something else. We hope that you can join the stream. The stream will be broadcasted on Twitch and I'll provide Dragara's Twitch Channel:

We hope you enjoy the stream when the time comes and the stuff we show you in the future. That's all for today, but stay tuned for more updates in the future. Thank you all for the support guys and keep it coming.


This is a fantastic update however I think the Mike Model (Male_07) needs some work. Instead of looking HQ it just looks like a younger varient of the original model. Some of the key facial features such as the goatee under the lips and the darkness around his eyes. Other then that this is amazing!

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TheScoutwhocriedSpy Author

Thanks for the feedback. I do agree. Allen said he will address all these issues soon, so Mike will soon look like how he originally was.

Reply Good karma+5 votes

Awesome news! ^^

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I know it's a WIP and all, but Joey's terrifying.

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Great Progress guys. Only Joey's face looks a little bit disturbing ^^" . I think the mouth should be a little more elongate and the eyebrows look like she's surprised. Great job anyway =)

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Amazing news all around man.Can't wait to see the other models.Also when you guys are working on the maps they should have a lot of vents, high areas and vintage points for headcrabs to hide.

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I hope that sniper rifle will be usable by player too, its unfair when NPC has weapons like stunstick and that sniper rifle what player can't use.

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TheScoutwhocriedSpy Author

Well, the player is a zombie. A zombie couldn't use a weapon like a Sniper Rifle, even if it was sentient.

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Cool Models Guys , Good Work

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TheScoutwhocriedSpy Author

Oh, guys. I made a mistake. The live stream will be April 10th, not the 16th. Sorry if I confused you. :P

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Its not Mike
Its John Freeman xD

Anyway nice progress and cant wait to see what else you have in store xD

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I like the new Sniper Rifle loading mechanism.

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Blue199 Online

Good to see new stuff on this mod. Sabrean's Zombies are realy great(why was valve so lazy to not add these in the actuall game?). Anyway, great work, but I feel like you could add some dirt/dust/whatever on rebels' faces :)

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