Guns and Robots brings robot action with massive customization. Players get cartoony bright 3D graphics in attractive environments and challenge each other in open arenas. Guns and Robots gives fun, entertaining experience with easy to master gameplay and numerous options to experiment robot constructing skills.

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this is a awesome game with shooting and robots what more could u want

Really great game. Like the art style and the customization.


This is the most fun iv had playing a third person shooter. Everything about this game is just so right. The only thing i can complain about is waiting times for 4 people at times. Besides that its excellent.



GREAT game, one of the most fun games around to play. You don't have to have or get a super computer to run this. Many modifications available and its fun to able to costumise your own "robot" (player). Also, it's not too harsh and even really "young" players can play it freely with the permission from their parents. The Cons of this are the 2 minor bugs that I've seen around (like the " you disconnected from the server when I joined a match and a more minor bug, "Couldn't load the map").

In the end, its a great game that young and older will enjoy.


n1k05 says

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Really good job :D

I like how easy it is to play this game and it's also a great deal of fun. Thanks for making it!


I've been playing this game for a while now and I can definitely say that I really like it.
Assembling a robot seemed a bit odd while I was watching the tutorial at first but once you get the hang of it it feels... natural.
The robots you can create look absurd... and I'm saying that in the good way :) It's quite a laugh.
The cartoonish art style of the arenas and the robots themselves is very nice.
The game still lacks some features and the content needs to grow a bit (especially the number of the arenas) but the guys are definitely going in the right direction.
For me it's a nice way to kill a few hours every now and then.


Nica game

Really fun game with epic battles! Keep up the good work!
The building of the robot is a bit tricky, but once you get over it, a world of variety of customization opens in front of you.

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Really great game. Like the art style and the customization.

Jan 14 2013 by ultdisaster