The first game in the Gundemonium trilogy, and tells a story of alchemy gone wrong in an alternate 18th century. Its galvanized and finely tuned side-scrolling bullet-hell shoot-'em-up gameplay sets it well above most other games in the genre. The game is deceptively simple from the outset, but has very well-thought-out gameplay mechanics. There are multiple playable characters, expertly crafted enemies and bullet patterns, a variable-difficulty "Phase Level" system, a risk-and-reward bullet "Friction" system, a "Demonic Shift" ability that's not for the faint of heart, and much more.

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Well I can say it is a good game. The songs are sensational and background ambience really have a good view. What I did not like the game was simply the difficulty levels, so much easier (which should be easy, but it is a bit difficult for beginners) as the most difficult (which seems impossible).

You can still play with 64 different types of characters, and have 32 achievements.

This is a nice anime inspired Sh'mup that has its ups and downs. From unrelenting bullet hell in easy mode to why am i subjecting this to my psyche Hell mode. You unlock a third playable character by actually completing the game with the least amount of trouble. I could say this is Nintendo Hard when it comes to both the hardest difficulty and just trying to figure out what you are suppose to do with each character!

Choose this game if you want a nice classic sh'mup action and Anime artwork. Its price also helps sell it since most others i've found are overpriced for what you get.



Very challenging without beeing frustrating, I like challenging :)


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