Groovy Invaders is a 2D Arcade Space shooter inspired by retro classics such as Galaga and Space Invaders. And is available on PC and Mac computers. Aliens From Groovy Gamma IV are trying to take over Earth. They've captured all of the sheep and are threatening to eat them if the people of Earth don't surrender. You play as Funky Mike, a lone space pilot who will take on waves of alien invaders, eat space snacks and rescue the poor sheep!

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RainbowGamerLite says

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This game is really well made for an "alien shooter" with funny enemy movement and objects spawn schemes, the mechanics are more or less the same (except the moving enemies and the power ups that consists of food and... sheeps?) but the best part of the game is the hilarity, it's so funny! And some special sections of some levels are really cool!

Sorry for my bad English...

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