"Inverto" is a first person shooter-puzzler with physical puzzles and gravity manipulations. The game is the ideological successor of such games as "Prey" and "Portal" with platformer elements.

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Aug 31 2013 Anchor

Have you considered trying to get some funding going on kickstarter.com or maybe indiegogo.com? You could get a lot of money within a month to finish Inverto and still have enough to add the in-game map builder. If funding is a problem then that could be the solution.

Sep 4 2013 Anchor

Hi! There already was a campaign on Indiegogo , but it seems was too early, nobody knew about a game. And I'm still waiting for money :) they seem to have some problems with my bank account. It's not possible for me to withdraw paypal money, cause in Ukraine you can't do it (Paypal policy). As for Kickstarter (and I think it's the best platform for funding game project) "Creating projects is currently open to US and UK creators", which obviously I can't even start.

Sep 4 2013 Anchor

Oh that really sucks. Ideas should not be constrained to their location in the world. I gotta say though, you did a fantastic job with only $125. But I don't really know any way for alpha funded projects to get going for people in Ukraine though. Maybe find a trustworthy intermediary party in the US or UK to start a kickstarter project, recieve the funds and then send them to you?

Sep 9 2013 Anchor

I was talking to 'Human must answer' developers about their Kickstarter (they are from Ukraine too). It seems like their composer was from UK and he was running a campaign.

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