"Inverto" is a first person shooter-puzzler with physical puzzles and gravity manipulations. The game is the ideological successor of such games as "Prey" and "Portal" with platformer elements.

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Aug 20 2013 Anchor

I have configured my controller using Pinnacle because there seems to be no controller support. This is not a problem, but there seems to be some kind of vestigial Unity controller support that gets in the middle. Specifically, the triggers are used to move right and left.
I would be good if you remove that, because then I can use a standard configuration, with the triggers for zoom and fire (now I have remapped them to the shoulder buttons).

Excellent game, by the way. Eagerly waiting for more levels.

Aug 21 2013 Anchor

I will be adding full controller support to my input manager, I don't even know how game behaves with controller (mine is broken), in theory it should not use controller inputs at all...

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Aug 23 2013 Anchor

If I start Inverto with the controller (Xbox wireless) I can do the standard FPS movements (including crouching). The only difference (and nuisance) is the aforementioned issue with the triggers.
It can also be something in my system, but this is the only game in which I have detected it.

Aug 27 2013 Anchor

I've updated game, so now you can test out your controller. I've only tested it with "Logitech Dual Action", interesting, how your controller works. Buttons can be configured (my setup is not exactly perfect) in options menu. BTW I get stuck on some puzzles, as I'm not so experienced with gamepads... Beaten by my own game :D

Aug 29 2013 Anchor

Sorry, but I'm afraid that it is worse than before. My controller doesn't work (the left/right is also mapped to forward/reverse, so I can't move sideways) and as the game detects the controller, I can't use the Pinnacle either.
I have had a look at the levels and it seems the same as before, no teleports, so may be something is corrupted with the install.

I'm going to reinstall, just in case, but I wouldn't like to lose my progress and need to pass all the levels. Is there any way I copy the savegames or whatever while I uninstall and install again.

Thanks in advance

Update: reading your post I have remembered that I had a Logitech gamepad somewhere and after finding and plugging it in my other computer and I can confirm that it works. Unfortunately, I can't use the other computer for gaming, so I would prefer the Xbox controller to work. It is strange, because I play dozens of games with it without any problem.

Aug 30 2013 Anchor

It's level 5 and 6, I'm trying to build them in order of difficulty, as those two levels are only "introductory". Saves are stored in registry, so reinstalling a game does not matter.

Damn, I need to get that Xbox controller... I was digging some code made by others and it seems like, there is something special about it, didn't realized it will have such problems. This could be Unity's problem, I will take a look at what can I do with it.

Edit: It seems like xbox controller is mapped in totally different ways both on Mac and Windows:
Windows (see why triggers behave differently? they are mapped to axes not buttons)

Mac version "slightly" different

I wonder why anyone would do it like that? It seems like I need every single controller in the world to support it properly (and every single OS) :(

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Aug 30 2013 Anchor

I was testing the behavior of my controller and googling about this and reaching the same conclusions when I remembered that may be you have replied to my post :).
This is quite surprising indeed. I thought that the triggers where "buttons" but they behave like the Z-axis (this is so in the testing control panel). This is the explanation why when I press the triggers the character moves instead of firing. It seems that the axis are read in the wrong order and that's the reason I can't move the camera with the right axis but I can move it with the triggers (which is quite annoying and totally impractical).

Let me know if I can help you with any test. Meanwhile, if you add something to disable the controller I can go on with Pinnacle to test the new levels.

Thanks again.

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