"Inverto" is a first person shooter-puzzler with physical puzzles and gravity manipulations. The game is the ideological successor of such games as "Prey" and "Portal" with platformer elements.

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Dec 4 2013 Anchor

Hi I've just played through first 4 stages in version 0.61and stage 5 starts without the gun. I'm not sure whether it is intended or not but it seems to be unsolvable without the gun. If that's how it should be then there is some fence missing on the catwalk between first and second big room - if I jump down, there is no way back and I have to restart level.

There is no difference whether I continue to stage 5 from 4 or from menu, gun is not there.

Dec 9 2013 Anchor

Hi! Sorry for late response.
This bug have been fixed in version 0.62, but I didn't upload it on Desura. Any way this month I plan to update alpha with version 0.7 (lots of bugs fixed, some new levels added and editor finaly integrated with a game). For now you can "fix" this bug by getting crashed with elevator, after respawning a player gun will be there (restarting from won't work for that)

Dec 9 2013 Anchor

Thank you for tip, it worked :-)

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