Grand Theft Auto 3 lets you explore the fully realised universe that is Liberty City, and complete gangland missions. You can steal any car you see, from sports cars to taxis, and even boats. There are over a dozen ways to take out other characters, including fist-fighting, baseball bat, handgun, Uzi, rocket launcher, and Molotov cocktail. The game world has unpredictable weather, a variety of pedestrian types who act in unique ways, changing times of day and night, and a multi-tiered, fully corrupt police force. The revenge plot offers strong story elements that are balanced with the game's non-linear freedom-of-movement.

ermaccer says

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Very good game back then.
So realistic graphics(i don't jk)still looks good compared to others.
Still good soundtrack and sounds.Realistic radios play all time but are looped to some point.
Sounds effect's are good as voice-cast of main characters.
Shooting,driving,atmosphere are very well done.
Car psychics aren't so realistic but are so-so.
Vehicles have pretty designs(Sentinel and Cheetah) where others are ugly (Manana or Perennial).
Almost every vehicle in game is based on something in real world.
Weapons aren't too balanced.Shotgun is insta-kill where pistol is only to make crowd running.
Overpowered M16 with funny sound is deadly in close and long combat.
Also you can run with UZI or Pistol,but you can't with baseball bat.
Peds are losing parts of they(you can shoot out hand,leg,head etc.).
Missions are also interesting and non-replayed.
You do everything! Yes everything you want.

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Yeah not bad but it doesn't have that much ease of editing.

Jun 24 2011 by asif_ridwan