Golem Rage is a fast beat-them-all mixed with time racing, and more or less bashing everything that stands in your way. 'Cause you're a wooden Golem, half stupid, half warmachine, but fully lovable. You don't know why you were created, and now you're just looking for a place feeling like home. Here is a teaser ! youtu.be/7QVL5BK2Uik The game consists in short levels, with very different enemies, in various formations, trying to stop you. From the basic disposable soldier to the Berserk, the Time Mage, and many others ! The more time going, the more enemies appear. The only objective : finish the level and escape !

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Hey guys,

We're just starting to communicate about our upcoming project : Golem Rage !
For those who missed the description (What?!), it's a beat-them-all mix time racing, in a crazy tale universe with various attacks and enemies on mobile devices.
Just in case it's useful, I'm just reposting the teaser and gameplay .gifs here !

We want to create a real challenge, with a rich & quite hardcore gameplay. And humor all along the game :)

Regarding the tech, we're using Unity to combine 3D environments (for physics and ... stuff), with the beauty of 2D Art. It's a real pain to make it all work, because the technology is seriously either 2D OR 3D oriented but not both at the same time : I hope you'll like the art !

We're currently working on more and more IA, and enemies, to show you some gameplay as soon as possible !

We'd love to hear your feedbacks on our work, we listen to them all :)

And if you're truly enthusiastic and in total despair without knowing how to support us, you can find us here : Facebook.com
Or here : Twitter.com

See you soon .. with more !

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