You are in the role of a gold digger who searches and collects gold scattered across the sands. This is not very simple, but it is exciting and gives you very tense and merry moments while you are surfing the golden sands. How to play: You just have to look for scattered boxes of gold and after taking them, load them in the wagons. You must move the gold digger through the arrows - left, right, up and down. When you take the gold, you have bring and place it on top of one of the three wagons. When all three wagons are full, then your assistant comes and takes the gold to your bank. Š¢rick and tips: Do not click on the arrows. Just drag your big finger over them. It takes a little workout and experience, but then you will become the best. Please do not get angry, do not force your screen on your mobile phone and don't crash it. Success!

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