Gatewalkers is a cooperative survival game with action RPG elements, where you travel across different worlds in order to save their own. Explore procedurally generated worlds, face hostile inhabitants, face challenges like extreme weather conditions, toxic atmosphere, lack of water and more.


As a Gatewalker, one of the chosen few, you can go through the Gate and explore the worlds that lay on the other side. Team up with up to 3 other players in this team-based survival. Fight terrifying monsters, survive extreme weather conditions, follow the orders given by the Guild, and most importantly, stay alive!


Explore the procedurally generated worlds with unique terrain features, plants, and creatures. Discover new resources and crafting materials. Face various environmental hazards: toxic or unbreathable atmosphere, terrifying darkness, penetrating cold, and much more. Each world type introduces a unique survival mechanic that forces you to adapt. Finding food, water or wood to start a fire may be impossible. Consider carefully what to bring with you on the expedition, as no one really knows what awaits on the other side of the Gate.


Surviving alone in an unknown world is really hard. But with teammates at your side, you at least stand a chance. Share the responsibilities: start a fire to let others warm up, build a tent to let your mates rest, warn them about the dangers lurking in the night. The key to surviving is cooperation between you and your team.


Isometric skill-based combat without auto targeting. Your skills may miss, and you can dodge enemy attacks! Good positioning during combat, balanced use of skills, proper timing and team synergy are all crucial to victory.


Choose an item to craft. Discover the appropriate recipe. Raid different worlds to gather required resources. Find or create a crafting station. Finally, build the item and use it!


There are no predefined character classes. Each item gives you a unique set of skills, so try tinkering with different builds. Take heavy armour and a healing staff to support your mates in the front line by tanking and restoring health. Remember, you are, what you wear!


Each time you pass the Gate you will land in a different, procedurally generated world. This gives you countless opportunities, offers constant challenges, and forces you to adapt in order to win in changing conditions! Always stay cautious, modify your strategy, make fast decisions and face their consequences, because you never know what waits around the corner.

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Variety is good, surprising player - even better. That’s why we implemented many worlds to our game; their name might suggest something, but we made sure that each one is unpredictable and has lots to offer to the players. Same goes with toxic world - the name may ring a bell, but we wanted to avoid clichés at all cost, creating one of a kind experience for characters coming here to complete their quest.


When it comes to toxic world, the survival here is harder than in any other world. Atmosphere here is contaminated, which makes it almost impossible to breathe without proper gear. The terrain is mountainous, that’s why there’s a number of levels that players can explore. Top is relatively a safe spot, but the lower they travel, the more dangerous it becomes. Also - the closer to the bottom, the more poisonous the fumes in the air become, so everyone should have an antidote in their equipment in order not to suffocate.


Air isn’t the only thing that’s contaminated here. Same goes with food, so player better take enough of supplies to survive, or quickly learn how to purify what they’ll find here. Creatures that live here, don’t make it easier either. Because of the surroundings, they live in, weapons with poisonous traits are no use. However - their toxic effect works just fine, so players have to be cautious during combat in order no to envenom themselves.

Speaking of infection - toxic fumes aren’t the only phenomenon that players have to be aware of. Some parts of the land will need players to get through puddles; without proper outfit their characters will be poisoned very swiftly and their weapon will get destroyed. Doesn’t sound like much? Don’t worry! There’s also toxic rain, that moves around the map. If players don’t hide from it quick enough, they’ll have to deal with the consequences. And it won’t be easy heal those poisonings, especially if the whole team becomes sick from the rain.


We want our game to be enjoyable and interesting. Since it’s a survival one - we can’t go easy on the players. We cannot bore them with same environment, that’s why we created so many - and they all differ in appearance and mechanics. They all are surprising and changeable. We think that it’s important to care about the people that are going to play your game - listen their needs and advices and give them the entertainment they ask for. That’s why we’ve made terrains toxic, so the community doesn’t have to be.

A new trailer for Gatewalkers is here!

A new trailer for Gatewalkers is here!


Check out a brand-new trailer for upcoming survival action RPG Gatewalkers!

Join Gatewalkers Alpha test!

Join Gatewalkers Alpha test!


We are excited to announce that the next phase of Alpha tests will be held from March 26 to March 29! And you all are welcome to join for free!




The next Alpha tests will take place from March 26 to March 29!

Roadmap for 2020!

Roadmap for 2020!


As today is the last Monday of this year we want to celebrate it by revealing our plans for 2020๐Ÿ‘€


Thanks a lot for the alpha key!

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better_frek Creator

You're welcome! Have a great game!

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Explore the ruins of the ancients and explain the secret of their presence on different worlds. ๐†๐€๐“๐„๐–๐€๐‹๐Š๐„๐‘๐’ ๐จ๐ฉ๐ž๐ง ๐€โ€ฆ

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Cooperate, fight and survive! Gather your team and take a dangerous journey to save the world! โš”๏ธ Wishlistโ€ฆ

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