Gas Guzzlers is a fast-paced addictive combat racing game for the PC. The game is played from the “behind the car“ camera perspective and features many different vehicles, weapons, upgrades, on-track bonuses as well as distinctive and astonishing environments.The player starts with a low-performance vehicle and gradually works his way up by earning money in a series of challenging races.With an initial amount of money,the player buys his first car without upgrades.

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I love me some arcade racing. Gas Guzzlers delivers.

Fans of cars and explosions will have a blast zooming around the game's large selection of tracks across a variety of environments, including deserts, snowy mountaintops, tarmac tracks, and backwoods trails.

There's a good selection of cars and even more weapons to equip them with, as well lots of other unlockable goodies to upgrade and decorate your cars. The solo campaign is great, but beginner racers might find it slightly difficult. The AI racers also all have really stupid (and frankly immature) names too, but that's not really a huge deal I guess.

Controls are responsive, and gameplay is tight and rewarding; there's something satisfying about blasting away your fellow racers, or forcing them to crash into things. You may also find it's reminiscent of kart racers like Mario Kart and Diddy Kong racing as you dash around collecting powerups, repairs, and cash bonuses.

I highly recommend this one, can't get enough of it.

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Well, what have we here? A Croatian indie vehicular combat racer. Sounds like a winning combination, doesn't it? Well, let's find out in this review, shall we?(char limit :/) Graphics: 9.5 This game delivers. The graphics are big budget quality. The car reflections, smoke and dust effects look great, and it is very pleasing to the eye. My PC ran it without problems. Cars take damage and the fender benders and crashes really leave their mark on the cars, however this has no effect on car performance…

May 31 2012 by SoanoS