Gare is a polished top down action shooter set in a digital like world with upgradable mechs. Vitris-47 has been the central stage of many conflicts over the ages. The Idalin empire rules over the planet with an iron-hand and war is always present. On the other side, there's the resistance, trying to retake the planet to its former glory and you are part of it. Driving your mech around the gorgeous digital cityscapes of the planet, the time has come to a new power to arise and put an end to this war. Top down action gameplay filled with fun mechanics, different play-styles and stylized graphics is whats GARE is all about. An enjoyable experience with a great sense of progression and pace. Simple, fun and rewarding.

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GrindCrusherCorps says

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Excellent work. Recommended. Will watch Prexen in the future.


aercial says

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It reminds me the old times I played Tank-X and feels a lot more better though then that was my favourite game, so I apreaciate your great work of reminding me ;)


rocketman6000 says

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