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This is a Game that i finished. It´s on it´s last version and uploaded.. I will give you a List of all the updates. I would like to sell it. but it´s not a game to say "WOAH, This game is amazing".

ZedMarine610 says

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This game is no fun! It's kinda like Garry's Mod, in that you spawn NPCs as you wish, have a gravity gun, and some other stuff. But the only 2 differences are these that GMod is fun and it has tons of physics objects and addons, but Gamy's Mod is ******* garbage! Gamy's mod in actuality is just a Game Maker project, put on a CD, poured with trash from a garbage container and (I hate to say it on ModDB) bad-smelling vomit, I'm not even kidding. The WORST GMod knockoff I have ever seen.

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