Gagalaxies is a single-player sci-fi turn based strategy game which focuses on decision making rather than empire building. The game revolves around differents strategies that the player can select at the beginning of each turn and which determine his order of play. In Gagalaxies playing first is important to move first and block enemy units as well as to be able pick an another very demanded strategy. As the artificial intelligence is programmed to prevent any other players from getting too powerful, as much as possible, war is not always the best option. - Strategy based gameplay: 7 strategies that can change the course of a game. - 12 Races with differents units: Balanced races, asymmetric races, crazy races. - Conquer planets to gain economic and industrial advantage. - 5 types of assets to capture: Mineral field, Pirate factory, Combat enhancing satellite, supply and repair station. - Random events make the world evolve as the game goes on. - 12 different map settings.

vfabien21 says

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I have just fired a few games (public release 1), but haven't had time to finish one yet. So far, I have seen some very interresting concepts :
- every turn, each player has to decide in which order they have to play there are special bonuses related to each position).
- R&D is not a continous process, but is related to that "play order decision". These 2 elements add a very interresting new layer of strategy.

- I like that map system made of large hexagones, where multiple units from different factions can go at the same time (instead of being oblige to kill every ennemies to be allowed to enter an hexagone)

- the author has tried and managed to create very different alien species (and crafts) with basic craft stats ( some will spam the map with fragile but deadly missiles, while some other will build very few but powerfull crafts)

So, that game really fells worth trying.However, I do quickly fill rather confused when playing. There is some room for UI improvement : an undo button would be cool when you missclicked, I'd love to be allowed to browse the map before choosing my strategy, and more feedback on combats would be nice (maybe being proposed to pose before and after every combat resolution). Also, it would be usefull to be able to recall the text that is fadding away a bit to quick for me...

So that game seems to really be worth it, but I am somewhat struggling to fully understand it and experience its full potential.

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