What is FML?
FML is an addictive arcade game.
The goal is to collect as many points as possible, which are gained by eating pellets. But be careful! You may only consume white pellets when you are white, and black pellets when you are black.

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Full Metal Laziness v0.7 is coming this thursday! (20th August 2013)


**Full gamepad support**
Settings menu (Now you can turn off music in-game!)
Major bugfix: Combo now resets upon death
More smaller bugfixes

FML v0.6 coming very soon!

FML v0.6 coming very soon!


FML alpha version 0.6 announcement. The update features new game mode.

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FML v0.7

FML v0.7

Full Version

Alpha version v0.7 of FML. Added full controller support, settings menu, and fixed various bugs

FML v0.6

FML v0.6

Full Version

Alpha version v0.6 of FML. New mode added - Time attack

FML Alpha v.05

FML Alpha v.05


Alpha version 0.5 of FML. Menu exists, but no play modes other than survival exist.

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