Frost is a test of our skills, The main game will run on fear and creativity, Your main source of survival is your flashlight, You start out in your garage after pulling in to it, You then start to hear some creepy things, You investigate and find out that something is watching you.You soon find your self wondering in fear, Creatures are following you, Things are moving, And it just wont stop.

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Our full game company


We are looking for people to help with this project, If you wanna help email us at:


How to send:

Subject: Job App
(State your job, and what you can do) Example

I can script cool health bars and enemys and weapons and flashlights and doors.

Good luck and send the email!




I am so exited to release this game, I just need some more models and stuff to continue, So soon we will try to release earlier, We have a nice house...




This is the features that the main character gets. He will have sick stuff to do in the future and currently.

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