Experience a vast, open-ended universe filled with an infinite number of adventures. You are the freelancer Edison Trent, an intergalactic jack-of-all-trades. Your mission: whatever you want. Become a smuggler or a ruthless space thug, a naval hero or a trader. Dodge through asteroid fields while piloting elite spacecraft. The action is endless as you make your way through 48 known star systems. Greed, morality, compassion, anger... whatever motivates you, the dynamic universe will respond.

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The thing I dislike about Freelancer is the combat. It feels more like a arcade tunnel driven shooter than a space dogfight. Combat becomes just an overly obnoxious, repetitive question of, "Do you have enough shield and repair bots in your cargo hold?" And it really kills much of the fun, as enemies become more of an annoyance than any challenge. There aren't a lot of tactics to minimize getting hit. It's almost always a 3 vs 1 or worse. Which guarantees you will be flanked at all times during your dogfight, taking damage. Thus requiring you to just carry max repair and shield bots. And at later stages of game, that is all you are really needing money for. However, everything else about freelancer is pretty fantastic. Sometimes it doesn't always give the best - I am an explorer kind of feel. Unless you stick to the painful and slow to get to jumpholes. Which is another drawback for me. The speed of the ships just doesn't feel right either. And travel outside of designated space lanes can make the game drag. And just get you repeatedly jumped by annoying enemies.
(The best space combat sim and mechanics, of all time, were contained in Tachyon: the Fringe by NovaLogic.)

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I'm playing this game for 9 years . and ... The best game ever made !

Mar 5 2011 by StriderJedi