FRAY is a unique and fast paced multiplayer simultaneous turn-based strategy game for PC. Plan your orders swiftly and watch the action unfold as all the players' squads execute their turns simultaneously. Choose your characters among 6 different classes and arm them with a vast arsenal of weapons and items. Before each combat, you can pledge your allegiance to one of the 3 dominating global corporations, and gain access to faction specific bonuses and enhancements. With Fray: Reloaded Edition, experience the game like never before with new special effects, a new user interface, solo maps, complete class and weapon rebalance, matchmaking and much more. You will also have access to the game's Original Soundtrack composed by electro band Sound Washed!

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Jun 17 2012 Anchor

Well, I hate to nit-pick but I have to point out there is one part in the Steam description inaccurate.
Here is the Steam description

Fray is the FIRST simultaneous, turn-based multiplayer strategy game.
Set in a dystopian future in the year 2098 where human interaction is confined
to virtual reality modules, three mega-corporations vie for control of Earth.

I'd just like to point out that Fray is NOT the first simultaneous, turn-based multiplayer strategy game.
There was a different simultaneous turn-based game named: Frozen Synapse released back in 2011. Just warning you before the Frozen Synapse fanboys go nuts after reading your description.
On a lighter note, I'm really looking forward to your game and it'll be definitely a day 1 purchase for me. I just hope you read this and ammend your description before releasing your game - just in case.

Yours Sincerely

Jun 17 2012 Anchor

Thanks a lot, we asked for it to be modified ;)

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