Forsaken Legends is an open world procedural sandbox MMORPG created by the studio Holy Fire Games, who started development in October of 2015. Since the beginning, our goal has been to create an immersive, persistent game world that can be enjoyed and shaped by massive amounts of players. Players will be able to craft, build, conquer, destroy, and explore in an endless procedurally-generated world!

Completely-Persistent World

The Forsaken Legends world is a world that lives and breathes. Imagine a world that continues to exist regardless of player interaction. NPCs will evolve, level up, gather resources, find food, and so on. Economies will change based on supply and demand…and much, much more! Monsters will roam around, level up, prey on each other, attack towns, mate – or, simply put, they will live. Regardless if a player is around, the game world will continue to exist and evolve over time. When players drop unwanted gear, that gear will continue to exist on the ground in bags for other players to find and take. Every interaction with the world by the players or AI persists and influences the world around them.

You’re probably wondering how we plan on tackling this!

We’ve teamed up with Improbable’s Spatial OS platform to allow a massive amount of players to interact on the same world and keep that world persistent regardless of player involvement. Spatial OS’s platform allows the game logic to continue to run and evolve the world 24/7/365. It also allows us to have massive amounts of players all connected to one game world.

Normally with MMORPGs, servers are broken down by geographical location and then even further to support tens of thousands of players in an area. By utilizing the Spatial OS platform, we’re able to keep all players from one location on one server instead of having to split them up across multiple servers. This allows countless numbers of players on a server, which makes the world feel more alive.

Simply put, the Forsaken Legends world lives, breathes, and changes. Players can literally shape the world around them by completing quests, which remove problem monsters from the area, harvesting and selling resources to towns, and much, much more! Players will shape the economy through supply and demand, fund town growth, and more!

Base Construction/Defense

Players and guilds will be able to claim plots of land throughout the world to build their forts on. Our construction system is socket-based, as shown in the video below. Building bases is extremely intuitive for players and guilds and is fully influenced by physics. If your foundation is destroyed, your entire fortress can come tumbling down!

Guilds will be able to choose which members of their guild will have access to what building features to ensure the safety and security of your guild fortress.

Guilds also have the option to take their constructed base into an instanced battle with other guilds where guilds will compete to destroy the other guild’s base while defending their own. Guilds will be able to have a full-out war with siege weapons, mounts, and normal ground combat. May the best guild win!

Remember, our world is completely persistent and one massive, endless world for players to explore and build upon. If you find that someone already is building in the perfect location next to the lake you just found, continue walking for a few minutes in any direction, and, chances are, you’ll find a perfect slice of the world to call home!

Is building massive fortresses not your thing? We’ve got a solution for you, as well, through our blueprint system. You’ll be able to choose from pre-built homes that can be unlocked in the game. This will allow you the benefits of having a home in the world without the need to build it from scratch. You’ll still need the required building materials, but you won’t have to place everything by hand if you don’t enjoy building your own design.

Another aspect of base construction is the ability for players to test their base defense in an instanced battleground. Players can defend solo or in groups against waves of AI-controlled monsters. This allows the player to test their defenses and also earn rewards for surviving long battles against enemy hordes. Since this is an instanced battleground, the player doesn’t have to worry about rebuilding their base afterwards, but it will allow them to identify weak points in their defenses.

These are just a few of the core features of Forsaken Legends. Check out our website for more details!

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