FOnline: 2238 brings you back to the world of Fallout once you knew it, only this time as a MMO-RPG hybrid. Cross the border where the unique game setting of the original Fallout & Fallout 2 games meets the unique MMO design... FOnline: 2238 is awaiting you.

jangsy5 says

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This game brings back the old and forever loved fallout 2 out of the vault. The fact its an mmo sounds good to anyone who felt like walking across the waste land encountering other players to shoot at besides super mutants. The whole feel to it is definitely well thought out to fit the atmosphere of the fallout universe. Quests are well made and a comprehensive crafting system was great to add depth to the game.

They've somewhat removed the turn based aspect for a real time which is for better and for worse. Now you don't have to wait for every living thing to take it's turn but back then it was single player and well balanced. Now the option to real time seems to have unbalanced a few things (presumably they'll be addressing the issue and fix the problem).

Furthermore the game seems to have be a little harsh on the newcomers. I've been playing this game for months and the frequent issue is stealing. It's not encourage nor discouraged. There are people who do it and there are people who don't. But the problem is that people who do, do it a lot and do it well. Once I first started and few I come to meet seemed to be very cautious not trusting of people. You can die quite easily without warning and die with penalty of everyone looting your body. The whole 'harsh wasteland' is taken very seriously and can put off most soft players.

It isn't like everyone is out to get you. You have to build strong connections and be able to trust people to an extent if you want to survive. This is a game that just has a very very steep learning curve the plateaus off in the end.

I can't discredit the game too much since I like the way the game is presented and plays. If you have the balls to die a thousand times and loose everything regularly then you're the person to play.

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