Save the World-Trees from the manic guts of Dyer, the loony hair-dryer who’s intent on destroying their Helys ! It’s up to you to control the four different characters with unique powers, guardians of the World-Trees : the Buds. But watch out – their path will be peppered with pitfalls, each one more hazardous than the rest! When you find yourself in a tricky situation, you’ll have to figure out wich combination of actions will save the day… Somewhere between a platformer, a puzzle game and a great big dollop of pure fun, FLY’N is ready to take off! KEY FEATURES - Experiment with the four Buds and their individual powers to save the World-Trees: - Flyn can sing and glide throught the air. - Lyft can stick to almost any wall. - Ywok, once inflated like a balloon, is invincible and bounces everywhere. - Nyls propels himself through the air. - Switch between Innate and Subtle Visions when to find your way through - Redistribute the Helys in order to play with the environment and free the

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This game has given me many hours of amazing play time, and I'm not quitting soon. The easiest way to explain it's magnificience is to compare it to another amazing 2D platformer: Super Meat Boy. Don't get me wrong, this game is very different, but similar in some of it's basic mechanics.

The game teaches you how to play similar to SMB, as it is subtle and lets you figure things out for yourself.

The levels are longer than SMB levels, and they come with innovative checkpoints which also serve as character selection stations. The art is gorgeous, and there's PLENTY of secrets and unlockables. The story is touching, the cutscenes are amazing. Truly a 2D masterpiece. I can't say enough good things about this game.

Only gripe: the impending doom levels are HARD. But very fun.

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