Move, Jump, FLIP!

Three words that describe the game very appropriately.

Fliplomacy’ is a Puzzle Game where the player controls the protagonist piece on a game board. The movements are very simple - Swipe Up, Down, Left or Right to move in the respective direction. This is the ‘Move’ part.

The objectives are very simple. The player needs to convert all the other pieces on the board to the same color as itself. And you can do that by simply jumping over a piece! This is the ‘Jump’ part.

Whenever, a player jumps over a piece on the board, the piece changes it’s color to opposite to what it is currently. This is the ‘FLIP’ part.

As easy as it sounds, the game keeps offering challenges in the form of special board tiles which can flip row, columns or even everything on the board, special portal tiles and even tiles that disappear once you have moved away from them!

Inspired by the classic games such as Othello, Checkers etc which require strategic movement of pieces across the board, jumping to capture or flip the enemy pieces, the idea for the game mechanics of ‘Fliplomacy’ was born.

The title of the game is a pun on Diplomacy. This is my simplified take on 'diplomacy' where you have to bring everyone on the same page and every move you make, could turn some pieces against you as well as turn some in your favour.

The visual style given to the game is such that the protagonist is given the role of an ‘Diplomat’ who is set out on a task to restore order to the board. Instead of capturing pieces, the game requires careful charting of path across the board to make all the pieces ‘agree’ with the Diplomat!

The tiles of the board are also designed to reflect the nature of a diplomat’s life. Some special tiles reflecting the nature of decisioning, which flip rows, columns or everything on the board. Special portal tiles to paint their travelling needs. ’Handshake’ tiles to finally seal the deal!

Each of the puzzles offers a special challenge to the player to not just finish it, but also try to finish it in the minimum number of steps!

With a non-intrusive soothing soundtrack playing in the background and 150 puzzles to solve, the game offers hours of challenging gameplay for the players!

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"Flip States to solve board Puzzles!"

‘Fliplomacy’ is a Puzzle Game where the player controls the protagonist piece on a game board. The protagonist is a 'Diplomat' whose job is to 'flip' the different states on the board to his side; by jumping and moving about on the board. Players need to strategise and chart a path across the board; moving, jumping and flipping states as they attempt to solve the 150 different puzzles! At its heart, the game is a logic puzzle game where you have to carefully analyse the board to figure out the necessary steps to complete the puzzle.

Version 4.1 of the game was released on June 12, 2018. The game has been constantly updated on the App Store since its initial launch and all the versions since then have brought about a lot of improvements and made playing the game, a much better experience.

What's New :

✤ New and much improved look and feel - A lot of redesigning and retouching has been done to massively improve the way the game looks. From a two-colour scheme and plain vanilla looks, we have moved to multiple colours, a brighter display and much better visuals for the board/grid in the game. The overall experience is much more pleasing to the eye.

✤ Localization - The game has now been translated into multiple languages - English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Korean, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) and more languages will be supported in the future.

✤ Better Levels - Revisited many levels and improved them for a far better gameplay experience.

✤ Lesser Tutorials - Removed unnecessary tutorial text from certain levels. Less hand holding now and allows the players to figure out the mechanics themselves. It makes the initial simple levels even more interesting. Also the tutorial levels are now marked for easier identification.

✤ Solutions - Solutions to all the puzzles are now also available. They can be unlocked by collecting sufficient stars while solving the puzzles. Or there is an In-App purchase as well to unlock the solutions.

✤ iPhone X Support - Improved the spacing of the UI elements and repositioned them so as to fit the iPhone X screen properly. Keeping everything clear of the notch!

It has got some great reviews since its launch from some of the Top App Review sites:

“If you’re a fan of challenging puzzle games that make you use your head, then Fliplomacy is an excellent addition. I love the kitschy visuals, and the various themes that you can unlock keep you motivated to play. I enjoy ambient music, so the soundtrack is delightful. On top of it all, the ability to play the game as you please in any order you want is great, and honestly, I wish more games allowed you to do that. It’s just not much fun being stuck and frustrated on a level with no other options. Fliplomacy is a must for any puzzle lovers.”– 9.1/10
Full Review

“This is a great puzzle game that deserves more attention from fans. It is fair and fun with an attractive and easy-to-use interface at a price that is more than reasonable. A great-looking puzzler with simple yet smart mechanics.”
– 4/5
Full Review

* “One of the Best iOS Games in the month of March” *
– AntyApps
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"It's smart in all the right ways, and once things start to open up you'll discover a bright, rich game that's going to keep you playing into the wee small hours."
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Game Details:

Game Genre: Puzzle
Platform: iOS
iOS App Store :
App Preview :

App Store Release Announcement

App Store Release Announcement


Diplomacy meets Othello! Announcing the release of my latest game - "Fliplomacy"! The game is now available on the App Store and is also at a discounted...

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