Fled Ball tries to escape from your pipes, but it is not that easy for it. You are the trusted player who can catch and stop Fled Ball and finish this mess. Catch Fled Ball NOW!!!

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Fled Ball offers two different game modes namely single player and multi player. In both, purpose is to catch the ball by having ball in the intersection of your horizontal and vertical pipes. In single player mode, you are your own opponent and you will try to get pass your max score in given time interval. Any ball catch will increase your time by some amounts and you can track your scores as well as your position among the world in our leader board. On multi player game mode, you will face with a random person to dominate each other. The games only you won will effect your score on multi player leader board. The difference between your score and opponent score will be added up to your weekly best and your all time best will be determined by your weekly total.

Fled Ball also offers its users a store where one can buy new ball types, background images and pipes for in game currency. You can earn in game currency by playing Fled Ball single player mode or by clicking free imagination button and watch an ad.

Fled Ball Features:
-Cool sound effects and music
-Store elements that can attract any user
-Two different game modes includes single player and multi player
-Leader Boards for both single player and multi player
-Fluent game mechanics

We care your Feedback. For any suggestions and questions, send e-mail to;
kumcu.ilgaz@gmail.com or fledballgame@gmail.com

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Fled Ball



Fled Ball is now live on Play Store!


Youtube Video:

Hi SlideDB users,

For the people looking for new experiences and innovative game play, we represent you Fled Ball. If you are getting tired of the same type of games where they copy a game and release a new one with a few changes, you will love Fled Ball.

Fled Ball is an arcade type of game where players need to use both of their hands. There are 2 pipes horizontally and vertically stated inside the game and a ball is flying around trying to escape from pipes. Purpose of the game is to catch the ball by having the ball in the intersection of pipes.

Fled Ball features both single and multi player game mods. It also has a market place with cool backgrounds, ball skins and pipe skins, an in game currency, leader boards, achievements and a dynamic menu.

Finally, we really like to hear from you. Any feedback is welcomed. We want to make our game better in any possible way and best we could get is your commands on game.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day :)

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