Fish Feaster is a colorful fish eat fish game that uses fluid and precise touch controls perfectly suited for mobile devices. Just touch where you want your fish to go andit swims there, or you can tap another fish to lock-on and automatically chase it down.Fish Feaster Features:~ 10 Colorful Fish to Play as~ 6 Beautiful Worlds to swim through~ 4 Difficulties, each with a medal to earn~ Arcade and Feast Mode game types~ Boat-Loads of fish to eat and dodge~ Deadly Predators like Sharks, Barracudas, and Eels~ Obstacles like Mines, Jellyfish, and Puffer Fish~ Smooth Controls and Challenging GameplayFish Feaster is available now for $0.99!

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Yotes Games exists to make games that are fun to develop, and fun to play. Yotes Games are games that simply make people smile. The industry is crowded with suits looking only to increase revenue and they lose the creative human element that spawns great titles and tight communities. Yotes Games is here to show the world that work can be fun instead of being a draining grind and also prove that ambitious dreams are worth chasing. It doesn't matter where you came from, whether you have formal education or not, or what tools you have. If you love making games and have any means of doing so, just get started. Practice your talent. Sharpen it. Because you are already a game designer. You just need to make something to prove it to yourself.

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