Another day, another "save the princess" mission. Please let this be the last time! Go forth again warriors, in the adventure of FINAL TAPTASY! Believe in the power of the masses! No matter how powerful the boss may be, none can withstand the attacks of many. Tap until fingerprints fade in this all-out tapping game. 5 Game Features: -Retro style: Immerse into the fantasy world of pixel art -Incredible gameplay: Frantically tap away to eliminate the enemies -Mass battle: Gather 3 heroes with companions, and pets to battle -Huge content: Play with over 100 dungeons, weapons & skills and treasures -Infinite upgrades: Use upgrade and rebirth systems to go on tougher adventures Enjoy this mass battle game with huge content in FINAL TAPTASY!

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1. Tap Faster

Final Taptasy

• Higher tap numbers per second equates to stronger attack levels. There are five attack levels.

2. Upgrade Weapons

Final Taptasy

• Unlock the next available weapon after leveling up the current one to level 25.

3. Collect Rewards

Final Taptasy

• Many rewards from Quests exist. Collect them all to speed up progress.

4. Tap the Fairy

Final Taptasy

• Valuable items and rewards are dropped by fairies that appear randomly.

5. Use Auto Tap

Final Taptasy

• Don’t cramp your fingers tapping. Get Auto Tap to easily flow through the game.

6. Gather Allies

Final Taptasy

• Having Allies from the start will help you tremendously defeating enemies.

7. Collect New Skins

Final Taptasy

• Apply skin upgrades midway through the game to increase stats.

8. Use Rebirth

Final Taptasy

• Growth rate slows after a certain point. Use rebirth when given the chance as it will increase attack level by 30-percent along with other upgrade effects.

9. Get Free Stuff

Final Taptasy

• There are many opportunities to get free items instead of in-app purchase through offerwalls and ads.

10. Gather More Allies

Final Taptasy

• Allies automatically attack enemies on their own. Having more of them will help you.

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