The sequel to F.E.A.R. continues the supernatural suspense story of a powerful psychic named Alma, whose rage against those who wronged her caused her to begin an escalating paranormal crisis that threatens to devour and replace reality with her own. Players will encounter Alma as they explore the city that was annihilated by the cataclysmic explosion of the previous game. Instead of playing as the Point Man, the game's protagonist is Michael Becket, a special forces operator whose squad is sent in to arrest Genevieve Aristide approximately thirty minutes before the ending of F.E.A.R.

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+Level design is fantastic, I mean really good. More games these days need to take some pointers here because I was intrigued to play just to see what comes next.
+Visuals are stunning obviously.
+Gameplay is still fun and fast, never short on ammo, wide variety of weapons/grenades.
+-Story is a bit all over the place but I enjoyed the readables alot. The main storyline I feel is tad stale now that we basically know everything of importance from the first game. I think they should have gone the X-files route. A government funded squad that deal with paranormal threats.. that opens so many options, why has the game been limited to the same town, the same group of 10 people, following the same story?

-Sound to low volume. Apparently the game has issues with 2.0 speakers and headphones because it was designed solely for 5.1 surround sound speakers. So it sends sounds to the center speaker (which does not exist) so sounds that are in front of you are quieter than usual and it sends less sounds to the left and right speaker (a workaround is to set windows sound setup to 5.1 surround sound).

-No lean keys means enemies are unusually hard to fight, they can lean around corners but you can't. Can't map anything to the delete key, can't holster my weapon (so I can't fist fight) and you can't manually save (checkpoint BS this time around).
-Sprint is not fast and is extremely short (Alan Wake strikes again).
-AI is significantly less intelligent in this installment. The game is still fun but there was alot less resources used for the AI in order to make the game more "visually appealing".

-The original was scary in some moments (but it still had this weird feeling of how the game switches from horror to action), ie knowing that you are basically safe from being killed during the horror moments and knowing that nothing scary will happen during the shooting moments. FEAR 2 makes the scares even more by the sideline, almost bored with it. Actual scary moments that aren't a jumpscare are so few that I can only think of 2 that really had me feeling genuine fear.
-Ending was worse than bad.. it was anti-climactic, made no sense and was just a rather lazy/rushed hacked together mess

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I voted 9, because it's one of the best fps games out there :D This is the best of the F.E.A.R. series :D (in my opinion) I chose 9 because of 5 things I focus on when reviewing, it's Quality, Scares, Lag, Length and Story (atmosphere and stuff like that is included in the Quality!) Quality: I like the graphics in this game, good, and that you can interact with most of the things around, tare down paintings flip things over to take cover behind it, all in all good :D Creepy atmosphere! Scares: in…

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