Hidden in the towering Himalayas lies Kyrat, a mountainous paradise steeped in tradition and violence... You are Ajay Ghale, a young man returning to the country of your birth in the Himalayas to fulfill your mother’s final wish. She had fled from civil war in Kyrat 25 years ago and has asked you to return to scatter her ashes. What she hasn’t told you is that your family, the Ghales, founded a rebellion that is struggling, fighting a war against a despotic, self-appointed King, Pagan Min As you explore and discover more about Kyrat, you will become involved in the Rebellion and The Golden Path, following your parents’ footsteps. The rebels are willing and able but their leadership is divided and, through your actions, you will begin to make choices which will steer the Golden Path towards the liberation of Kyrat, one way or another...

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More wider Far Cry 3 in terms of almost everything.

Some main characters are interesting.
Some are annoying. Which is a problem since you cant skip cutscenes.
The character Badrah is under used.

Gameplay is good. Performance is bad.
Variety in the endings (definitely better than FarCry3's ending)
Alot of side activities (although they do repeat)

There isnt much of a soundtrack. No real good music playing on the radio while driving. However certain missions have some kick-*** soundtrack that really gets you excited.

Cool features like being able to auto-drive.
The wing-suit. Parachute.
The Buzzer (Mini Chopper)
Riding elephants.
Rope climbing.
And other standard vehicles.
Alot of weapons.

Overall a satisfying game.

good. but not special like primal.

Far Cry 4 may not be adding that much new stuff compared to Far Cry 3, but it definitely improves gameplay and pushes the gamer forward to complete it all almost in one breath. Hunting elements definitely got better as they really affect the gameplay and there's the superb elephant havoc of course and fine acting and refreshing Shangri-La plot. Overall it became even more like GTA compared to part 3 having more freedom and options. I couldn't help but enjoy it.

advanced far cry 3!


It corrects just about everything wrong with Far Cry 3.

A story that isn't so darn serious, great gunplay, rewarding exploration, getting around the world is smoother, and fighting animals isn't such a chore.


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What I like is the fact the badguy isn't actually a straight up villain. He had a child with a woman who he loved to a very great extent and then that child (your characters sister) was killed.. also his wife left him for USA because of the golden path! I bet the golden path were the ones who first drew blood (not Pagan) way before the death of Ajahs father and are actually TERRORISTS! Pagan decided that if they were gonna fight like murderers so would he. He had enough from the terrorists and finally snapped.. he then wanted to kill every last one. And when he killed the "stop the bus" guy it was because they shot a bus with his son on it! His last family was almost killed by a guy who failed to follow orders! I bet every last one of the people saying "Pagan Min is a insane serial killer" speakers would have done the same thing! He only became the so called "evil villain" after you became the same man your father was. The 15 minute secret ending is the best ending of all the far cry 4 endings, its one of the few games where I think they should have allowed us to play as the bad guy, enacting genocide on the Golden Path (who aren't noble at all anyway).

I'm just glad you have a choice to spare Pagan Min at the end. Its funny how you the character can create a villain by acting as the hero. Everyone says for you to be like your father, you end up repeating history and make the same mistakes! Resorting to violence first against your step dad before he shows any antagonism to you, just like how the Golden Path resorted to violence before Pagan Min. The guys you fight for probably are terrorists, they are so quick to say "who started it" that it seems like they are trying to hide something. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.


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