Once upon a time, in a forest called Lita, there lived a fairy who took it upon herself to protect the trees of the forest from the monsters and humans who would try to steal the spirit stones that provide the forest’s life energy. Her name was Freesia and her kung fu was very, very strong… Take control of Freesia as she protects Lita Forest by beating the living daylights out of waves of bad guys! Use Mana that builds up during battles to learn new skills. As Freesia progresses through the stages, she will pick up many deadly new techniques and abilities. Chain together combos and send bad guys flying into other bad guys to take out whole groups at a time & cause massive damage! Beat monsters, human and boss battles and survive long enough to progress to the next day. The more days you survive, the more varied and stronger the enemies will become. Punch ‘em! Kick ‘em! Throw ‘em! Magic ‘em! Unleash the fairy fists of fury!

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Got this in a bundle deal. Graphics are nice, but it's just not my kind of game. I'm sure some people would love it, just not me.


Although very beautiful and quite nice battle system, this game offers no fun. Storyline and enemies are uninspired, normal is insanely hard even after doing the Easy Mode and continuing from a save game. Bosses take on damage without flinching thereso will beat the crap out of you WHILE they are getting hit, which you could do with a skill equipped instead of quite more important skills. It does happen they fall, but it is pure luck if you can pull a worthy combo to damage him/her. Bosses skills are beyond overpowers and enemies hit synch with almost every move or fall of yours. Challenging certainly, but no fun; it's like grinding failure till you win.


The combos are cool but this game get tiresome really quickly.


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