You have been kidnapped, stripped down, and put on the world's most extremest and dangerous treadmill. Death is inevitable but see how long you can last before the demons, spikes, or bombs kill you! You are randomly assigned your characters hat Sometimes you will be a brain eating zombie jumping over bombs or maybe Ozzy crushing demons under his bare feet.

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Download here
-Small bounce when jumping on the detonator and the 2 demons
-Holding the jump button will allow you to bounce higher on the detonator, springboard and the 2 demons.
-Bounce on springboard is a lot lower so it can be used without dying
-Progressive difficulty: game starts easy and gets harder the longer you survive

-Colliding sideways with the detonator or the springboard will just slow you down, not stop you completely.

-High score is now saved between games. (Press delete to reset)

-Updated smoke particles-MORE GORE!
-Santa drops presents when killed
-Pirate's parrot flies away when killed
-Party guy drops balloon when killed
-Clown drops clown props when killed
-Reggae guy drops reggae props when killed
-Wayne drops wayne props when killed-Explosion effect improved
-Dust particles when jumping/landing

New background music
-Background music updated

New sound: suicide bomber beeping when getting close to exploding
New sound: rolling boulderNew sound: bouncing bomb

-New enemy:
bouncing bomb
-New enemy: Giant boulder!
-New enemy: Suicide Bomber-cannon now gradually turns red before firing-cannon can't fire as soon as it spawns

-New costume: viking hat
-New costume: santa hat
-Soulpatch for reggae guy
-Face paint for clown guy

Extreme Treadmill Survival ver1.0 released

Extreme Treadmill Survival ver1.0 released

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Extreme Treadmill Survival version 1.0 (the version I made in 24 hours) is now available from 3 different sites!

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Version 1.1

Version 1.1

Full Version 3 comments

This update includes several changes like visual, gameplay and changes in sound. Full change log is included in the download.

Extreme Treadmill Survival ver1.0

Extreme Treadmill Survival ver1.0

Full Version

Aka the 24hour version. This is the version of the game that was made in 24 hours. Lots of fun!


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