A new 3D JRPG combining innovation with retro gaming

  • Type of game: 3D JRPG
  • Release date: T.B.D.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Regular Price: T.B.D.

A vast world filled with danger and deceit. Ancient puzzles that are in need of solving. Countless hordes that are dying to be defeated. Meraki Games presents to you; Exile Saga. Once, we were free...

Exile Saga is a new old-style indie Role Playing Game (RPG) with elements of an adventure game. The game has a lot of classic and custom features. Among them are: a customized, overhead, action battle system, skill trees, magic, swords and guns, epic dungeons and an intricate plot, an original soundtrack and much more.

Moving through a world in which demonic forces have taken over and enslaved much of humanity, you unravel mysteries, uncover secrets, and share the fate of our three young heroes.


  • Action Battle System There are no random encounters in Exile Saga. You can pull out your weapon and assign skills to your quickbar. The battles are real time.
  • Skill Trees You can customize each character with unique abilities and create your own mix of combat, magic or healing skills.
  • Epic Dungeons We are designing the dungeons to provide you with a challenge. There will be darkness to overcome, deadly traps, dangerous monsters and powerfully bosses to defeat.
  • Intricate Plot Plot twists, intrigue, romance and heroism; it’s all there.
  • Original soundtrack We work with DesperateMeasurez to create an entirely unique musical score that will add leagues to the depth and experience of the gameplay.
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The third character to the trio of companions is Mira the fiery spell caster of the group.

Fiesty Mira first came to the Monastery at the age of six, a wild thing with a tangle of matted golden hair found wandering just outside the walls. Taken in by the gentle nursing staff of the Monastery, and befriended by the wise and thoughtful Sienna, she gradually learned to trust, but never lost her fire. Over the following years, the Masters at the Monastery began to notice something unusual about the girl. As The friendship of Mira, Sienna and Aedan became strengthened over the years, and she grew into a beautiful young woman, unwittingly capturing the heart of her friend Aedan, compelled by the mystery that surrounds her still.

In combat Mira is an elementalist. She relies on natural forces to bring destruction to her enemies. She can cast a vast array of spells including lightning strikes, fiery cones, and a ball of ice to crash into an assortment of foes, breaking bone, and ripping limb from limb. She is able to access these different elements to not only deal damage but also control the area around her, with spells ranging from freezing foes in place to dazing them into a mindless stupor.

Hope you enjoyed the intro to each character of the trio! More info to come soon and of course the Kickstarter! Be sure to support us on Facebook.com and Twitter.com if you want the latest news!

Character Summary of Sienna

Character Summary of Sienna


Background story of Sienna and her combat mechanics.

Character Summary of Aedan

Character Summary of Aedan


A summary describing Aedan's past and his mechanics in combat.

The Lore of Exile Saga

The Lore of Exile Saga


Here is the background story of Exile Saga explaining what led to the destruction of the world.

Combat Trailer

Combat Trailer

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The very first trailer for Exile Saga! Featuring the gameplay and multiple zones, you can explore!


I really like the Art and Mechanics and style. Great job!

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