EXIL is a game which tell the story of Lena, a young girl which recently died. It's a platform game filled with action and dynamic fights. Her suicide will leave here deep inside of the dead's kingdom. She lost her memory and parts of her soul.

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A quick update for talking about the new gameplay direction and a date for a Demo. This time we talk about some Giants/Colossus too.

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Hello everybody, it's time to make an update of EXIL ! ;)

Are you dead ?

Of course not, but I must admit that EXIL was a bit paused these months. I'm still working alone (by choice) and my free time is not so much free. I know now better than never the world of the real-time, video games and of course the UDK.
I decided to simplify a bit my project to be sure to reach a goal with it. I would like to show a quick gameplay demo in a few months (I hope to make a playable demo for June 2012 if I can). So, what we got now with EXIL ? I divided my gameplay into 3 main step :

EXIL wrote: -Acrobatics actions, platform and puzzles
-Fight against Colossus
-Gravity actions and puzzles

The last point is a bit hard to do, this is why I don't focus myself on it for the moment. My first goal is to achieve at least the platform part and the fight with the colossus. Since the gameplay between the 2 first part is close, it will simplify and reduce my work to do. As always, the acrobatics actions represent the ledge system, the wallruns, and all these kind of interactions.
The fight with the colossus will be something very close to what you can do in the game "Shadow of the Colossus" by the way.

Did you say a Colossus ?

Yeah ! The fights against some Colossus is a part I would like to add in EXIL. Because EXIL is a game where you fully understand the meaning of "verticality", I think the Colossus are the best way to play with this meaning and all of the related semantic.
Of course, I didn't add this gameplay part because I love this word (even if it's true), but because Colossus are also impressive and in the same feelings that I want to share in EXIL.

I plan 4 Colossus in the game, is not very high but since I'm alone I want to be sure to be able to finish all of them. For the purpose of the Demo I plan to finish one Colossus fight.

Colossus 1 : Droww

On the side of the Artistic part, the first Colosuss if finished. His skeleton is also finisehd, what is missing now is his animations for the ingame interaction and his IA to react to the player. Se here we go, some medias on this Colossus :

The last screenshot is a comparison of the player and the Colossus. The Colossus is 25 times more taller than the player. At right you can also see the current work in progress IA of the Colossus (yeah, it's just some animated boxes). His thorns are not totally finished by the way, I must work on them a bit more.

On what are you currently working ?

Mostly on the programming, these last days I have updated the ledge system to be fully procedural. I need to support now dynamic ledges (which can moves when the player is climbing them).

At the same time I take some pause by trying to make some music for the project. I'm a big novice in this world, so it's not very good. Here is on of my first attempt (I recommend to use an headphone to fully appreciate it) :

Available here in FLAC : Ambiant 1 (6,4 mb)

Follow the project

As always, you can follow the project with :

by my personal blog : Froyok.fr
(Note that I update EXIL more often by Twitter than other systems)


Holy Batman, that night picture sure is beautiful. Good process on the game, keep it up mate.

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