A simple randomly-generated vertical platformer with a retro feel. See for how long you can endure the everlasting tower.

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wolfman11983 says

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You get what you pay for with this game. And what you pay for is a very entertaining experience. The controls are crisp (baring a few issues), the art style is just that, styalized. I have had alot of fun playing this title, but what brings the rating down a few points is the lack of variety, and options. With the way the game scales itself, there is a lack of variety in obsticals, and various elements that obscure your progress.

This in its self is not a terrible flaw, given the pricepoint that is requested for the game. The problem is that it might not appeal to everyone. If you want a deep platformer, this game may not satiate your thirst for such things. What the game does do is give players a great opportunity to test their luck, reflexes, and skills in a competative score based environment. As of the time of this review, I hold the top score (hardcore mode), which was a blast to try and accomplish given the tendency to stop the player with cheap placements >:D

One thing I have noticed is that the true way to play the game is found in its hardcore mode as I find that to be the most rewarding challenge the game has to offer. Bottom-line? The game is worth the two bucks for me, and I will continue to suggest the game to others in my youtube and twitch community. Unfortunately, what you see is what you get in videos. The game does not offer alot, but what it does offer is golden. Thanks 7soul, I have spent hours on this title and they have been very fun.


racky_tack says

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Like the visuals. Good luck!

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