You play as Shaun Randall... after your time in the military, you lived a quiet, maybe a bit boring life. You worked as an office employee in a preserved food facility, your payment was good enough for you, your son Mike and your attractive but ordinary wife Kelly. One day, you wanted to go to work, but a Taxi knocked you down. You survived the accident but you`ve lost your legs. They where petrified forever. You would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of you`re entire life. You`ve been assigned to a mental hospital after you`re first try to kill yourself. One of the Therapists, Doctor Van Wargen, had understanding and compassion for you. He gave you an Injection that killed you. You`ve been euthanised. The Doctor did everything necessary so It would look like a suicide. Patient Shaun Randall: Suicide - Died 21 January 1965 In that sleep of death...what dreams may come?

nbomber97 says

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What else could I possibly rate this? You would have to be a cynical *******, hate horror, or hate first person shooters to not give this game such a rating. This game has far exceeded my expectations for FPSC content. It has an excellent atmosphere, the freakiest looking creatures that appear at unpredictable intervals, great voice acting, and amazing weapons. Not only that, but the game is very realistic and perfectly matches the genre of survival horror (I don't know if it's survival horror, or just horror in general. You are already dead when you start the game, so that wouldn't exactly be survival horror now would it?)

The game has a great backstory and would be even better with a cutscene at the beginning of the game.

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