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is a story-driven tactical game set in a sci-fi theme with a strong focus on turned based combat. While staying loyal to the core elements of the genre, we decided to introduce new gameplay features as well as elements from other genres, making Eternal Escape a unique experience.

Main Features

  • Strong focus on exploration and turn-based tactical combat
  • Deep and complex combat-system, easy to learn but hard to master
  • Test and experiment before actually executing the choices you made - a unique feature and key element of our gameplay
  • Detailed and comprehensible feedback during combat
  • High replayability: different strategies to approach a mission
  • Four main classes with different weapons and unique skills and several lead characters having their own set of skills
  • Make use of the environment for your own tactical advantage: destroy walls, climb hills for better view, hide and attack behind covers
  • Huge space station with a wide diversity of settings, like prison facility, research labs, biospheres and also planetary surfaces
  • Areas might change over the course of the game and could be revisited to unlock secrets and optional missions
  • Story-driven: Each team members has his own background-story and motivation
  • Faction system: Different factions are in war with each other, choose your allies carefully

Our Vision

Being passionate gamers for decades, we played and finished games from all kinds of genres, though most of all we enjoyed RPGs and TBTs (Turn-based tactics) in particular. We loved to play games like UFO, XCOM, Jagged Alliance and Valkyria Chronicles. Unfortunately good TBTs are rare finds these days, often lacking the complexity and depth of former titles.

After graduating from our game development studies in Trier, Germany, we decided to turn our hobby into one goal: Developing a turn-based tactical game that combines tactical gameplay with strategy and role-playing elements. We liked the idea to add more complexity to the game, while making sure the rules are easy to understand und it’s still fun to play.


While definitely a tactical game at its core, we like to add new innovative elements as well as elements from other genres. For instance we decided to go for a free adjustable third person camera instead of the usual isometric view, the introduction of role-play elements, like individual attributes, skills and classes. Moreover you have the ability to test and plan every action before executing the choices you make, therefore improving the overall transparency of your action's consequences.

The game itself is divided into 3 parts:
  1. Tactical Missions: consisting of combat and exploration, both being turn-based. Most of the time you will play missions fighting your adversaries.
  2. Key Areas: Customize your team in headquarters: assemble and equip your squad, pick and develop your squad skills. Other key areas involve trading, recruiting or story-development.
  3. Scenario Map: Choose between several missions, defeat random encounters while traveling and visit different key areas.

Story & Setting

The story centers around our protagonist who has been imprisoned in a high security facility. His past yet to be revealed during the course of the game, it is uncertain why he has been taken captive, what crime he has committed. Word is that nobody has ever escaped this prison ...alive.

The prison is part of a colossal space station run by the government, military and some major corporations. Because of the nature of its research, ranging from military appliances to biological warfare, the station is located in a remote part of our galaxy and isolated from human society by the vast vacuum of space.

A recent incident caused great havoc almost resulting in the complete destruction of the station, although our inmates are still unaware of the scope of events around them.... until now. Now it's up to you - use the turmoil to your advantage. In order to escape you have to forge alliances with different factions within the prison and recruit inmates for your team. Only if you uncover the truth about your past as well as find and eliminate the cause of the incident that brought the station to the brink of destruction you might be able to escape this madness.


The development of Eternal Escape is currently in the pre-alpha stage. The current content is not representative for the final release and might be subject to change. The story-driven game will be released episode-wise to allow earlier access to the game and still be able to expand the universe with new missions, areas, characters and skills over time. Each episode will be a stand-alone game with a self-contained story.

This project is flexible to changes suggested from the community. We're looking forward to reading your feedback and critiques. For more news and information check out our twitter account or visit discord or reddit!

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Happy easter2

As we are already some months in the year 2020, we‘d like to give a quick rundown on what we‘ve done these last couple of months and what‘s to come later this year.

Goji Interactive UG

With the new year, we completed the formation of „Goji Interactive“. We always wanted to transform our hobby into an actual company and now our wish finally came true. Being an actual game studio allows us to focus on the upcoming work by establishing straight goals and better commitment to work on what we love for the upcoming year.
In the first three months this year, we managed to build a foundation for all this. And with „Hubertta“, a hub for several game start-ups, we gained office space and a network to support us in many areas. Being part of this very dynamic games start-up scene in our region of Trier is something we are very grateful for. Furthermore, we‘re all set with our studio‘s internal structure and distribution of areas of responsibility. Along with that comes a new roadmap for the development of our project „Eternal Escape“, which is necessary as we strive to take part in Germany‘s new game-funding programs.
Next to realizing our VSP (see chapter below), we also aim to release several code-modules or assets to digital marketplaces, we created alongside the development of Eternal Escape. Enhancing our presence online and the influence of player feedback on our development is also high up on our list. For that, we‘ll utilize new video formats and platforms to support this endeavor. After all, building a community around our development and the positive effects that come with that is still very important to us.

Eternal Escape

Currently, Eternal Escape is in a pre-alpha state. We have released a gameplay prototype to gather initial feedback. This PoC (Proof of Concept) has been in development since our time at university, and we continued to work on it after our graduation.

During the first quarter of 2020, we‘ve worked on updating our gameplay prototype to work with the release of a new Unreal Engine version. In our opinion, this is an important step, since quite a few optimizations across the board have been introduced with the latest version of Unreal, which we could take advantage of. At a certain point during development, you usually lock the engine version and don't change it until the game is finished. Changing/update the underlying engine mid-development is always a daunting task, which can cost a lot of time and nerves. For us, we were still fine to go with an update during the current phase, especially because of all the improvements mentioned. So we skipped four major engine versions, to make use of improvements in development workflow, like the ability to collaboratively work on levels, as well as improved portability and performance overall.

One of the next steps we‘re going to take during the upcoming months is creating a VSP (vertical slice prototype), which will also be based on the current engine version. The VSP will also be our groundwork for Early Access and an entry point towards the alpha-state of our game. It will, therefore, contain all features and the visual style we want to see in the final version of our game, but on a much smaller scale (e.g. just a few missions). During the development of the VSP, we‘ll only sporadically update our gameplay demo (PoC), which means it will only receive more extensive and substantial changes that come up while working on the VSP. Keep in mind that missions, environments and many other details of our demo are not going to be part of our VSP or the final game. Those are mere placeholders and won‘t be representing our final game. More info about our VSP will be shared with you in our next blog entry. From this day on, blog entries will be released in a three-month cycle.

The creation of the VSP will definitely take the whole year 2020 and most likely also a few more months of 2021. On completion, it will be released into Early Access, initiating the alpha phase. During Early Access, the game will feature only part of the game‘s story with associated story missions at the very beginning. A sandbox-mode should serve to keep up player’s motivation while more and more parts of the story are being added, as well as other content like skills, enemies and crafting blueprints. Certainly, player feedback will still be taken into account and can result in changes to the game.

Along with the VSP, we also see the necessity of creating a pure visual prototype to determine the art style and design of our game. This prototype is going part of the current demo as an additional level. Upon completion, the demo will be considered as finished PoC, representing all facets of the game independently.

One more thing

We are, like everyone else, affected by the current pandemic. Fortunately, we‘re able to work from home, just as we were in the past. Right now we want to thank each and everyone that keeps the system running, allowing us to stick to our current planning and to avoid further issues. We wish everyone to stay safe and sane during these hard times.

We wish you all a very Happy Easter,

Team Goji

Status Update Oct-Dec '19 | 2019 in review

Status Update Oct-Dec '19 | 2019 in review


2019 is coming to an end. Like last year, we want to take a look back and recapitulate the most important things that happened in no particular order.

Status Update August / September | Gamescom 2019

Status Update August / September | Gamescom 2019


Gamescom 2019 is over and everything has returned to normality. As promised in the last Blogpost now we want to review what happened during the biggest...

Status Update June / July ’19 | Our social media accounts

Status Update June / July ’19 | Our social media accounts


We spent the last weeks to prepare for and represented on Gamescom 2019. Now that the trade fair is a thing of the past, we are finally collecting and...

Status Update April/May '19 | Comparison between EternalEscape and other turn-based tactical games

Status Update April/May '19 | Comparison between EternalEscape and other turn-based tactical games


In May we released the latest version of Eternal Escape. Now we will take this as an opportunity to compare our game with other turn-based tactical games...

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Gameplay Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3.1 (Windows-64bit Launcher 10-20-2019). Please install the demo via launcher. You can choose your favorite install location...




Gameplay Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3.1 (MacOS-64bit Launcher 10-18-2019). Please install the demo via launcher. You can choose your favorite install location...




Gameplay Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3.1 (Linux-64bit Launcher 10-24-2019). Please install the demo via launcher. You can choose your favorite install location...

Outdated Windows Version

Outdated Windows Version


Gameplay Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3.0 (Win-64bit Launcher 07-03-2019). Please install the demo via launcher. You can choose your favorite install location, after...

Outdated Mac Version

Outdated Mac Version


Gameplay Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3.0 (MacOS-64bit Launcher 07-15-2019). Please install the demo via launcher. You can choose your favorite install location...


I like the fact you mentioned Xcom and Jagged Alliance as influences and that it'll have turn based combat. I can't wait to try out the demo.

Good luck with the project.

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Also voted for on greenlight :)

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