Escape Goat is a puzzle platformer featuring a unique take on traps and machinery. To solve each room, you must escape fearsome foes, navigate mazes, and use the environment to your advantage. Only with the help of a friendly mouse do you stand a chance... use the mouse to reach otherwise unreachable areas, and even warp to him... if you can find a magic hat! Enjoy over 50 stages of fun in this unique labyrinth adventure. - Ranked top 20 on XBLIG (out of 2500 games) - 50 puzzles organized in 10 stages - PC Exclusive bonus campaign with 50 all new levels, difficulty ranging from moderate to insane - Fully featured level editor, share creations with friends and the community by trading map files

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Absolutely beautiful 8-bit-styled puzzle-game!
Highly recommended!

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Escape goat is one of the best puzzle/platformers that I have played in a while. The puzzles are based around machinery that moves as you hit switches and buttons. These machines can be as simple as just pushing a block down on an enemy, to as complex as rearranging the entire floor block by block so you can get the key. The goal for each level is simple, get to the door, and if it is locked, get the key on the way. But the way the developer designed each level makes each room completely unique…

Jun 15 2012 by ccoolleeiiss