Enelysion is a 12 hour long freeware JRPG styled game developed in RPGMaker VX over the course of 4 years ( from 2010-2014 ) with a rich Celtic/New Age inspired soundtrack, strong visuals and engaging gameplay mechanics. It has been well-received within the RPGMaker community since its inception in 2011.

cap_h says

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A brilliant gam with emphasis on an expansive world, beautiful maps and story of a strong woman (non-sexist Xena).
For me the world and lore connected with was a deal maker. In comparison to some classic jRPGs, such as Final Fantasy series, maps in Enelysion are full of neat details, filled with life. There are towns without an appearance in the story and still they are rich on 'content.'
I spent over fifteen hours with the game and I every minute was worth it. This is the best experience you can get for free.

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