It’s a web-based game that is loosely based on World of Warcraft “encounters” (hence the name). We liked the World of Warcraft experience aside from the dull stuff like leveling and farming (and the huge time sink this entailed). We often fantasized about designing our own boss fights. The game is unique in that you can play encounters but also design them. You can play the encounters we’ve designed. And if you have an idea of an interesting boss fight, you can use the online editor to design one yourself (the editor is not yet available to the public).

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Product preview video


Many people have trouble understanding what this game really is. So we made a product video to help explain that. Watch the video on vimeo: Please note that the footage at the beginning is from WoW, not ours. We've used it in an attempt to explain where we come from and our motivation to create Encounter - The Game.

The main concept is an 'encounter'. It's kind of like a boss fight you'd do at the end of a level. You first have to figure out how he works, what your and his abilities are and then try to defeat him. Encounters are short, not more than 10 minutes. You can quickly play one, without the need to go through a 30 minute prelude. Once you win the fight, you receive some achievements and can go play the next one.

But wait. There is a second part: You can design these encounters yourself. We have an online editor which you can use to script every aspect of the encounter: spells, auras, the behaviour of enemies, create your own map etc. This part is not finished yet.

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