Here, it is up to you to choose. Will you lead the desperate people of Celenheim and save them from destruction, or will you ally with the dark hordes of the Outlands and overrun the Enclave to get back what you claim to be yours? Make your decision and experience incredibly atmospheric and intense medieval combat action!


This is a simple mod which can be used to fully remove the HUD from Enclave, useful for taking screenshots or video during normal gameplay. There are two files included, TplCharacters.xrg and Surf_Effects.xtx. TplCharacters.xrg has the line *flags nohud added under the *template_char section (this disables display of the HUD in game). Surf_Effects.xtx has the 'Invisible' flag checked for the crosshair surface (this disables display of the crosshair in game).

Remove HUD
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