Solana Academy is a prestigious all-girl boarding school in a remote corner of Japan. Despite its distance from major cities, it never wants for students or funding. However, the ideal school life at Solana Academy is disrupted by the sudden appearance of grotesque monsters from the formerly sealed-off old dormitory. A chance discovery of magical “petals” leaves four students as the only line of defense against this threat. But as the girls investigate the old dormitory for a way to be rid of the monsters, they begin to uncover a sinister truth regarding their school...

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After about five years of on-and-off development, Eldritch Academy has a potential release date: January 4th, 2019. Unless any game-breaking issues are discovered in the meantime, the game will be available for purchase sometime that day.

Eldritch Academy is a romance and paranormal thriller visual novel set in the same universe as Shireishi and Those That Linger. A sudden outbreak of monsters from the “restricted building” of the remote Solana Academy leaves the school under the protection of four girls who discovered magical stone petals. With few to turn to for aid and unable to reject this responsibility, the girls must now uncover the secrets of their school in order to end this threat.

The game is seen from the perspective of Yue Ishikami, a standoffish girl who is slow to make friends. Yue’s choices determine which of her new companions she becomes closest to, potentially leading to romance or heartbreak.

Eldritch Academy will be available on for $15 USD. The game was developed with Ren'Py for the Windows operating system, but Linux and Mac OS builds will also be available.

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